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Hey Treyarch – Lest We Forget

black ops 4 4 - Hey Treyarch - Lest We Forget

Please note, my experience of BO4 is on PC. I have played many COD titles on PC and on console.

There's new content here and coming and it looks awesome, BUT, before you get too excited, it's worth refreshing our memory at how Treyarch (and their associates) have underperformed, undelivered, lied, censored, and ignored community requests and problems with the game itself. I've provided a few links to reddit posts (>1000 upvotes) to help back up some points made below.

Let's get straight to it, shall we?


  • Combat Record was planned to come in the first update. It’s been nearly 3 months, and we still don’t have it.

  • Treyarch baited the community in with 60hz servers, then reduced them to 20hz on release. To this day they still aren't 60hz.

  • Treyarch said BO4 is gonna be the most updated CoD ever. This is what BO4 looks like compared to WWII in terms of the amount of content we’ve had in 105 days

  • Leaderboards going live "next week"….. in October


  • Many PC players could not download game on release. The 'Black Ops 4' screen in the Blizzard app was blank. You had to switch regions to download, then switch back. No announcements from Treyarch on their forums. Figure it out for yourself.

  • Terrible performance on PC and tons of random crashes (has gotten much better, but took a long time!)

  • When starting up the game, 50% of the time it tells you to restart the game using the app. I once had to restart the game 5 times before getting in. Not only that, but after it shows you this message you still have to "confirm" that you want to quit the game. Poor menu design and user experience.

  • 9/10 times I can not party up with friends. Constant "Lobby not joinable" errors.

  • Many weapon scopes were off-center. This is basic stuff.

  • Equipment still takes up a slot in the pick 10 system even though it replaces your specialist equipment. When's the last time you saw frag grenades, molotovs, trophy systems in multiplater? Never, because the specialist equipment is more powerful than all of those.

  • Care packages were completely bugged for weeks (months?). Very slow, sometimes didn't even drop the package and just hovered there.

  • You STILL can't choose the class you want to use when joining an in-game match. You have to die to do that. This is basic stuff that was working even in BO2.

  • You only get 5 seconds to vote on a map but then have to wait another 25 seconds for the match to start

  • The cold-blooded perk was broken on release and didn't counter thermals and other scorestreaks. This is something that shouldn't have made it past QA.

  • Many calling cards were broken since release and could not be earned (e.g. RC-XD kills)

  • The ghost perk is still broken, only works when running and doesn't work 100% of the time.

  • The POTG system was poorly designed. It's obvious that the "highest number of medals in X time" was a terrible idea, and likely only accepted because it was the easiest system to program. Even that may not be the case because it seems broken half the time. The slow motion section of the POTG is not timed at all to actually coincide with a kill, but it pretends to be.


  • Treyarch put more effort into garbage cosmetics and over-priced microtransactions than actual quality of life changes.

  • Fortnite, A FREE GAME, has a way to earn their premium currency, meanwhile on this full price game you cant earn any cod points just for playing.

  • This game was $110 to get access to DLC content. If skins are going to be purchasable by COD points, there needs to be an in-game way to earn and they shouldn't cost $20 each

  • Treyarch took guns AWAY from players who had them, then sold those same guns in the shop.

  • Treyarch later sold guns in the shop that were supposed to be pre-order EXCLUSIVE.

  • Tier rewards are filled with tons of ugly, no-thought stickers that no-one cares about. Their only purpose is to be filler.

  • Most of the character skins and facepaints are ugly, or very similar. Some legendary/epic skins look almost identical to common skins.

  • You can get duplicate items in the one crate.

  • Treyarch have jammed microtransaction fluff into every nook and cranny in Zombies mode, to the point it was almost unrecognizable.

  • Call Of Duty twitch channel banned the phrase "#SayNOToBlackOpsPass"

  • On February 19th 2019, Treyarch had the audacity to add $2 loot boxes to the game on top of all the other microtransaction bullshit. And yes, those loot boxes can include duplicate items (because it's too hard to program otherwise?).

  • On February 19th 2019, Treyarch removed reserve items from the operation tiers, and moved them to a 'reserve case' system which takes much longer to earn.


  • Very often you get kicked from games when the map is loading with the "Lost connection to host" error, however, you can hear other people's mic chat the whole time meaning there is a connection. If you then go to recent players you can right click on one of them and join the exact match you just "lost connection" to.

  • When searching for a game, it will attempt to put you into games with maps you don't have, which then kicks you from the 'find a game' screen. You go back to the main menu and it gives you an error. It should not try to join you into those games in the first place.

  • When searching for a game, it will attempt to put you into games that are already full, then kick you from the 'find a game' screen. You go back to the main menu and it gives you an error "Could not join lobby as it was full". It should not try to join you into full games in the first place.

  • "New" maps were not added into Custom Games when released.

  • No way to save Custom Games (which has been done before).

  • Navigating in theater mode is utter trash and a massive downgrade from past COD games.


  • From October 2018 till 19th Feburary 2019, your scorestreaks like Thresher, Hellstorm, Lightning strike got you kicked from the game in Hardcore modes, essentially meaning you shouldn't use content that's in the game because of poor design. Something that should have been fixed in less then 3 weeks since release.

  • For months you could kill team mates to steal their care packages, which was fixed in previous COD games made by Treyarch. You'd think they would have that on a checklist somewhere. Poor management.

  • The game will happily spawn team mates directly in front of you while you're shooting. (e.g. when you're countering spawn trappers)


  • Switching your chat mode from "Default" to "Party Only" and vice versa has no effect while in-game. You have to go back to the main menu for that change to take effect.

  • Treyarch seem to have not much clue what they're doing with armor. Isn't that what game designers are for?

  • From launch until 19th Feb 2019, you could only view the first 7 minutes of Blackout games in Theater mode.

  • It's currently impossible to join any blackout mode on PC (Oceania). This isn't just Apex's fault. In actual fact, I did not get to play ANY of the special blackout modes because of lack of players (but could play Quads). DBNO, Close Quarters, Ambush, I didn't get to try any of them. That really sucks. It could be helped/remedied by having a single rotating blackout mode on PC in certain regions, or by giving 2x or 3x tier progression for a specific mode and changing which mode gets the bonus per day/week.

I definitely missed a lot of other things. Please remind me in the comments.

In short, BO4 still manages to be fun despite the lies, microtransactions, bugs, and problems described. The number of immoral money-grabbing techniques increase with each title. Treyarch/Activision have prioritized microtransactions over quality of life changes again and again, with no change in sight.

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