CoD: Black Ops 4

How did this happen, How could we fix it

black ops 4 4 - How did this happen, How could we fix it

As a longtime player of Call Of Duty the way this franchise is heading is not a good sign for any of us. Sure we have Modern warfare coming later this year but seeing how Black Ops 4 has been skinned alive just to make a damn profit is concerning, it's a constant cycle at this point for every game. Release the game, wait to add MTX, show it's cool shit, and rinse and repeat for every single title. And as much as we complain and rant about the game and its MTX model it wont be enough. To Activision and to and extent treyarch, your just one number in the system that wont feed them, but for every one number that doesn't spend, another dozen of people spend on the game either because they dont have time or they just have the funds to afford the items outright. For the average player like me, it's not the simple, think about how many of us have jobs, school, or many other obligations to fulfill and we want to play but why play when the grind isnt worth it. If anything playing other cod games like WW2 and MWR is better because the mtx models In that game are at least fair for the consumer, I could say for a fact that during WW2's lifecycle I didnt spend a dime on the game, and to add to that we could see a perfect example of what the studio did to help accommodate players frustration, the entire game underwent a complete overhaul due to fan backlash and the studio actually took the time to listen, the took the feedback we gave them and did what we asked, but why is this different for Treyarch, why do they just sweep it under the rug and act like nothing happened?


As of this point, there is only one way for us to make a change, we need to put our differences aside as players of this franchise and speak up to Activision to show them that we are done with their Corporate Bullshit and the way they treat this franchise, even a simple tweet could be enough to make a difference, we just need to be honest and straight up with them, we have to show them that we wont take no more of there shit anymore. We have to rally and fight the system to break this vicious cycle that these suits and ties push on the consumer. All I ask of you dear reader, is to please make a difference for this community and rally behind this post, If you want Cod to return to its glory days, then we need to act and band together, spread this message to other boards and forums, we can make a diffrence, we just need to have faith and perseverance.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. – have a good day.

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