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How to keep Blackout fresh – My feedback for Treyarch/Activision

black ops 4 7 - How to keep Blackout fresh - My feedback for Treyarch/Activision

Blackout is a fantastic game mode, and IMO, is the best BR mode out there. However, if Treyarch and Activision want Blackout to maintain it's popularity, it will eventually need some big changes, some of which I will suggest below. Please let me know if you agree/disagree with my list, and feel free to add some more suggestions 🙂

Weather System

A dynamic weather system consisting of fog, rain, storms etc. (similar to the system that PUBG has) would really help to spice up the game a bit, and would make each game you play feel a bit different.

Day/Night Cycle

Similar to the weather system I suggested, this would make each game feel a bit different and unique. It doesn't even need to have a Day and Night cycle, just some sort of system that sets a random time during the day each time you play. For example, one game you play may be set in the early morning, whereas another game might be set late in the evening (which you would obviously expect to be much darker). The map would need to keep this in mind though, for example, street lights and lanterns in buildings would need to turn on if the map is set during night time.

More Maps

Whilst the current Blackout map truly is fantastic, at least one more new map should at least be released. Players love variety. An antarctic, snowy-themed map would be pretty awesome to see.

Ping System

If you've played Apex, then chances are you don't need me to explain what this is and why it should be added. A ping system would making playing with randoms a lot easier and only makes the game experience a lot better.


Audio System (Footsteps) Improvements

I don't know about anyone else, but the footstep audio in Blackout really is not great, and has one of the worst footstep audio I've probably witnessed out of all the BRs I've played. It's hard to explain exactly what is wrong with it (I'm no audio expert), but the audio of footsteps from other players seems really inconsistent. In one situation you may here another player's footsteps really loud when they are fairly far away from you, and then in another instance there is a player sprinting from like 1-2ft behind you and you hear almost nothing (without Dead Silence). Footstep sounds of other players need to be made louder and more consistent.

Other QOL Changes

  • A game-winning kill cam
  • (Console) Tap to activate perks rather than holding to activate
  • Show HUD e.g. health on death cams (sometimes it shows it and other times it doesn't, not sure why?)


I know the chances of this happening any time soon is very unlikely considering Activision themselves said they have no plans on making the game F2P, but at some point (preferably within the next few months) it definitely needs to happen. Making the game F2P would bring in a lot more players and would give Blackout a much higher chancing of competing against other BRs like Fortnite and Apex. Also, most BR fans don't want to spend like £40 just to play a BR mode when most other popular BRs right now are F2P (this is probably a big reason why Blackout on PC is dying fast). If I were Activision, I would create a version of BO4 simply called 'Blackout', and make it F2P. Obviously this would only contain the Blackout mode and not the other game modes, like MP and Zombies.

Blackout has so much more potential, so please Activision and Treyarch, don't let this potential go to waste and consider at least some of my suggestions I have listed. Thanks.

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