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How to Unlock Reznov in Blackout (DETAILED PROCESS)

black ops 4 5 - How to Unlock Reznov in Blackout (DETAILED PROCESS)

I just unlocked this challenge after many hours of farming for it and it is certainly a bitch. However, it is very doable if you create a process and stick to it. Contrary to what many people say, this challenge is very luck based so patience is key. When I was going for this challenge I couldn't find any truly helpful guides so this post is intended to help those who are looking for a more detailed process of approaching this challenge. A few things to note first: 1) DO NOT EXPECT to get this challenge easily you will most likely have to make many attempts at this challenge and that is simply the nature of it 2) If you are not good or at least decent at the game, sharpen your skills (stay frosty and listen closely for enemies, hone in your sniper shots, hone in your gun play skills in general) 3) Do this challenge in SOLO! Doing it in any other mode will add the difficulty of having to clean up the kill, also if your squad is not focused you might end up last alive trying to place high so don't even bother 4) EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE, if you truly do not enjoy going for the challenge then why bother. Personally, I love to overcome challenges in games and getting closer and closer each time is enjoyable to me. It can be frustrating at times but get excited each time you get closer and improve your process and come up with ideas to make this easier. I'm going to list the process I followed to get this challenge in steps. *Note this is my opinion from tons of experience so if you disagree with any of my steps or see another possible way to complete something that is fine.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Acquire the Ushanka Hat: This part is annoying but just be patient. People say that the hat can spawn at Asylum but I've checked there at least 20 times and never found it so ignore Asylum. Drop estates every time. One spawn location is in the water in the fountain in the middle of estates, but check carefully in the water because it does not spawn in EXACTLY the same spot every time but it will always spawn in the water. The second spawn location is in the courtyard that is closer to the fountain on the structure in the middle with the red thing on top. Again, look around the whole top part because it won't be in EXACTLY the same spot every time. The spawn rates are fucking stupid and in my experience only spawn about 50% of the time. If these areas look looted, kill any enemies in the area and loot them to see if they have it otherwise quit the game and try for the hat again. Once you get the hat, move to step 2.
  2. Get a kill from 200m(find a sniper): Another annoying part but just be patient. It is very unlikely that you find the hat and find a sniper nearby because the game loves to fuck you. You have 3 options to find a sniper to get the kill with: 1) get lucky and find a sniper in nearby buildings 2) get lucky and find a sniper in a supply drop 3) identify a player with a sniper, kill them, and take their sniper. This is the most likely option you'll have to pursue and best option but you might get lucky and find a sniper lying around. For this option, just get familiar with the sound of snipers and take note of the fire rate to identify a player with a sniper. Once you identify a player with a sniper kill them and take their sniper. Once you get a sniper find a 3x scope or better because thats really all you need to make the shot. It can be done with iron sights or 2x, but 3x or better makes the next part easy.
  3. Get a kill from 200m(hitting the shot): This is the easiest part imo. It seems hard but it really isn't. This step is all about positioning yourself. Take note of where the helicopters are dropping people because the best way to do this part is find two people who are fighting far in the distance and then you'll have two targets. After taking note of where players are being dropped, find high ground with good fields of view. I found that the two best places for the zone to land for this challenge were zones that included the construction site or the tall mountain that is slightly northeast of trainyard. I've gotten several 200m kills from that mountain with ease. These two places give you a high vantage point and great fields of view with many options of where people could be to shoot at. The desert is also a very good place to make the shot because there are many hills with unobstructed views of the surrounding areas. Nuketown is also decent too. The forest areas are by far the worst for obvious reasons. Just adapt to wherever the zone lands and find high ground with good lines of view to make your shot. Just make sure you have a 3x scope or better and this step isnt bad.
  4. Survive to the top 5: This part can be tough since battle royales are chaotic by nature. Being good at the game will obviously make this much easier and like I said earlier dont go for the challenge if you suck at the game. It is not hard to improve your skills by focusing on particular aspects of gameplay and actively trying to get better. Many people play and play but dont actively try to change their strategies and wonder why they never improve at the game. The way I did this part was to stick to the outer edge of the zone and camp. I did not move into the zone immediately but moved in when the storm was starting to close in and kept pace with the storm as it moved in. Doing this will severely decrease your chances of running into other players. Also, once I get my kill I drop my sniper for a close range weapon (shotgun, smg) and keep my AR in the other slot. Obviously camping is the key to surviving and ideally staying right on the edge of the storm.
  5. DO NOT GIVE UP! Perseverance is key. It does get frustrating and I've had a few heartbreakers myself getting the 200m snipe then proceeding to die in the top 7 as well as hitting a 197m snipe and going on to win the game. Despite this, you will be able to pull it off if you just keep trying. Remember enjoy the challenge and take pride in what you've accomplished once you finally do it.

I hope this post helps people who are going for it and offers tips that wouldn't be found elsewhere. I got really into this challenge for some reason and had a good time going for it and was very satisfied when finally achieving it. Good luck and happy hunting!

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