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I don’t like these shotguns

black ops 4 7 - I don't like these shotguns

To the point, they are unsatisfying to use, and they are infuriating to die to. They are simultaneously inconsistent, yet extremely consistent at the same time. This is due to their damage profiles inflicting bonus flat damage rather than just pellet based damage. It results in good players being forced to tailor their classes to make their shotguns deal one hit kills on the account of varying stipulations, while the scrubs are being rewarded for damaging their enemies regardless of pellet accuracy.

Here is how I would change them.

– Firstly, I would get rid of these flat damage profiles. They do not benefit proper gunplay. It allows shotguns to deal excessive damage at their maximum ranges while dealing poor damage at close range due to the low overall damage output they provide. This will mitigate the possibility of players losing over half of their hp due to shotgun users haphazardly spraying away.

-I would increase hipfire spread on each of them by around 10-15%, which would also affect ads spread.

– I would personally like if the devs removed specialized attachment setups (and level 2 attachments) for shotguns, but this is a complaint that encapsulates every weapon class. Not just the Shotguns. I'll just create a centralized attachment setup for shotguns. Any attachment that isn't seen here is just something I would rather Treyarch have removed from the game. That means no opmods.


⦁ Elo


⦁ Quickdraw (reduces ADS time by 20%)

⦁ Foregrip (Tightens ADS spread by ~20%/increases ADS center speed)

⦁ Fast Mag (increases reload speed)

⦁ Extended Mag (Increases ammo capacity by 50%, but slightly decreases reload speed)


⦁ Long Barrel (Increases final damage range by ~33%)

⦁ Supressor (No red dot detection, reduces noise and removes muzzle flash, reduces range by 30%)

⦁ Laser Sight (Tightens crosshairs by ~25%)

⦁ Stock (ADS movement speed ~80%)

⦁ Steady Grip (Increases center speed when hipfiring)

⦁ Slug Shot (Increases all range values by 50%, removes max range value, Reduces spread by 25%, pellet count to 1, but deals 4x the damage of a single pellet. Increased penetration value and damage against equipment and streaks)


⦁ New damage profile (70-45-25-15) 3-4-6-10 pellets to kill

⦁ New range profile (6m-9m-12m-15m) Range increase

⦁ Tighten ADS spread by 30% vice 50%

⦁ Increase rate of fire to 80rpm


⦁ New Damage profile (40-33-20-14) 4-5-8-11 pellets to kill

⦁ New range profile (4m-8m-13m-18m) Range increase

⦁ Tighten ADS spread by 50% vice 30%

⦁ Increase rate of fire to 280rpm

⦁ Reduce recoil to compensate its improved rate of fire.


⦁ New Damage profile (40-30-24-12) 4-5-7-13 pellets to kill

⦁ New range profile (3m-6m-10m-14m) Range increase

⦁ Increase rate of fire to 333rpm

⦁ Tighten ADS spread by 40% vice 30%

This was just a "for fun" type of thing. If you have any disagreements or ideas, feel free to talk about them or discuss.

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