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I feel like a lot of Black Ops 4’s core gameplay issues are a result of the incredibly high movement speed.

black ops 4 6 - I feel like a lot of Black Ops 4's core gameplay issues are a result of the incredibly high movement speed.

Before I write the rest of this post, I just want people to know I don't hate this game and I'm not attacking Treyarch. I'm not trying to be hostile or angry at people who think otherwise. Please keep flaming and calls of "Git gud" to a minimum, I just want to see what people think of this idea, as I posted a less detailed but similarly long comment about it that was upvoted and agreed with largely. I just want to make it more refined and gauge the community's reaction.

I think the extremely high movement speed in Black Ops 4 is a part of the reason why a lot of people take issue with gunplay in Core, and an underrated cause of lots of the ills this game suffers, at least in multiplayer. Part of this post is me wanting to see if many others agree, and part of it is trying to make the point that the movement speed is just as much, if not slightly more of an impact than commonly cited things, like the change to 150 health or the presence of the series' strongest Specialists.

First, I want to talk about maps. Probably the biggest issue that the new movement speed introduces is the reduction of map integrity on the smaller legacy maps, specifically Nuketown and Slums.

Nuketown, in this game, as far as I can tell, is the worst received in the history of COD. In BO1, 2, and 3, I remember the chances of Nuketown getting voted out were maybe 1 in 100. In BO4, Nuketown is commonly outvoted in favor of other maps. I think the movement speed is the main factor that causes Nuketown to be so annoying to play.

In BO1, 2, and 3, Nuketown held a tight balance – The map was always a bloodbath, but still playable, and still open for strategizing and multiple playstyles – In other words, it was never a Shipment-Tier meat grinder. In BO4, it fully jumps the shark into a territory that isn't fun. Before, in BO1 and 2, movement speed was lower, and while spawntrapping definitely existed, it was never as extreme and common as it is in BO4. People took a decent amount of time to get from mid to spawn, compared to BO4, and it made people who were intentionally spawntrapping much easier to kill. In BO3, the vertical mobility essentially made the map bigger, and allowed for spawntrapping to be effectively countered.

Black Ops 4's iteration of Nuketown just isn't fun, and many people agree with me, as it's plain to see in gameplay, when it's now voted out fairly commonly. Slums is a similar issue – In BO2, Slums was a medium sized map that had almost 0 spawntrapping, save for niche circumstances that allowed it on long backspawn, by the parking lots. In Black Ops 4, Slums is a fast paced map – Full stop, and very commonly involves horrific spawntrapping. This map can't keep up with the movement speed and plainly isn't suited for it. Summit is similar, but definitely not as bad, as spawns have a ton more room to breathe and tons more ways to escape trapping, but is still blatantly not suited for BO4's movement speed.

Firing Range is possibly the worst, save for Nuketown. Spawntrapping is rampant, it's one of the most fast-paced maps in the game, and genuinely feels almost like a less congruent version of BO1 or 2's Nuketown. The map is outright ridiculous to play on because you are essentially always in a gunfight, due to players getting from spawn all the way to mid power points in less than 3 seconds at a time. You pretty much have to fight an undead army if you try to take any of the mid powerpoints.

Jungle doesn't suffer as much of the same fate, but still has issues on certain parts of the map (The main ledge by the cabin on Jungle along with the Sniper's nest being practical instant deaths and no longer powerpoints as they previously were). Jungle even somewhat resembles a modern Black Ops map, so it's really not that bad.

The point I'm making here is to show the massive impact the movement speed makes on the core gameplay. It's often underestimated in favor for complains on specialists and the new health system, but movement speed is for absolute certain a huge factor that plays into the very common sentiment that BO4 doesn't feel like a regular COD game.

Next, is core gameplay integrity and skill-cap. The movement speed has majorly reduced the skill-cap on Black Ops 4, especially on console, and has caused absolutely ridiculous developments in the game's meta.

First, headshots and going for damage multipliers are entirely absent in BO4. A good player could melt by aiming for the head and the chest, in practically every previous COD Game. Good luck doing that on Black Ops 4, as movement speed is so high, precision headshots are nearly impossible on console, except for players who aren't constantly moving (I.e, bad players you'll kill anyway). This, along with headshot damage multipliers being abysmal, makes for a COD where snap-and-spray is the only option for fights, making for monotonous gameplay where the winner is completely decided on whoever has the best reflexes and highest ROF weapon.


This leads into my next point – The meta. This meta is entirely dominated by the fastest rate of fire, period. The Saug, the Spitfire, and the Maddox, the raining kings of the meta, are both chosen specifically for their incredibly fast fire rate and their access to stocks (Even more reliance on movement speed mechanics). Other weapons that are considered the best, the Rampart and Auger, are only chosen because of game-breakingly high amounts of damage that can kill fast enough to prevent someone from jumping away. All of the best guns in this game are only the best because they're effective against the high movement speed.

Guns like the ICR, the KN57, the MX9, and VKM that are reliable, slower-firing, and overall average in stats, are usually the kings of the meta – But this time around, they're not. They're underwhelming and very easily destroyed by previously mentioned high ROF and high damage weapons, specifically because they can't keep up with the game's movement speed. BO4 has possibly the smallest pool of viable weapons since at least Modern Warfare 2, with only 2 guns being considered the reliable go-tos. I would wager in public matches, the Saug, Maddox, and Spitfire make up more than 3/4ths of the total equip rate, while in WW2, IW, BO3, etc., had a much more diverse pool of weapon usage.

Now, onto plain gameplay, the movement speed has induced some laughable work-arounds never before seen in a COD game. People are now starting to feather ADS as they strafe through choke points, allowing them to maintain extremely fast movement speed. People are literally abusing the most basic mechanics of the game in an unprecedented way due to how the movement speed completely controls the gunplay.

(Thanks to /u/Dombfrsh for reminding me about this!) Another less well known gameplay quirk unique to BO4 is that bullets cease to be hitscan at a certain range, and can cause a player moving at the very high speed featured to literally dodge bullets, which, as with the rest of the high movement speed's contributions, forces a meta with extremely aggressive rushing and high ROF/Damage for close range encounters, and further forces out accurate and moderate weapons.

Jumping is incredibly rampant and extremely tiring to play against, and this is entirely because of the movement speed. The high movement speed allows a player to pop a corner in mid-air with perfect accuracy, faster than it's reasonably possible to keep up with. Jump-shotting has never, in the history of COD, been as powerful or relevant as it is in BO4, and it's solely because of the movement speed. As I mentioned before, the high movement speed lends to fights repeating themselves over and over – Someone jumps around a corner. Whoever is on the receiving end of the jump, as long as they're not already pre-firing because they saw the jumper on radar, is going to die 99% of the time. You shoot someone with the spitfire, but they whip around, jumping to the side faster than you can keep up with, and instantly kill you – That is, of course, unless you're using the spitfire, and jump back.

Fights are too reliant on jumping and strafing this time around. Proper positioning and tactical, careful gameplay are completely thrown out the window in favor of extremely aggressive, constant rushing. There is absolutely 0 room in this meta for any kind of slower gameplay, and it makes the game feel brainless and boring very, very quickly.

Overall, I feel like the extreme movement speed has transformed this game into something that just doesn't feel rewarding. It has pigeon holed gameplay into ridiculously aggressive rushing with no room to do anything else, replaced skillful positioning and aim with jump-spam and spraying, and has made several of the legacy maps total trainwrecks that aren't fun to play.

I feel like this game would be more warmly received in the Multiplayer department if it would reduce the movement speed. It acts as a complete detriment to most portions of the game and is far too important and abusable. Fights would no longer be decided by who jumped first, or who was using the fastest shooting SMG/AR, and it would allow the meta to open up to Sniper Rifles, LMGs, and Tactical Rifles.

I know this probably won't happen, and if it doesn't, that's fine. I love this game so far and have already dumped in hundreds of hours, 7+ prestiges, and gotten dark matter, and I'm slowly getting to 100% completion at this point. But I feel like if it did happen, it would instantly make the game less repetitive at times, instantly make the game take more skill and more evenly reward people who are good at the game, and not just whoever clicked on the Maddox/Saug/Spitfire in the create-a-class menu.

Thanks for reading, I'm interested on hearing what people think on this issue.

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