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I feel that all of the DLC guns like these should be attainable by completing a challenge, and NOT locked behind a lootbox system

black ops 4 4 - I feel that all of the DLC guns like these should be attainable by completing a challenge, and NOT locked behind a lootbox system

I ground to tier 100 in the second operation and got myself the Daemon and SWAT.
Following that, I left BO4 for a bit on my main account due to the team balancing and when I got back some time later, I managed to get the Stingray from a reserve. But going forward, I still strongly feel that system of having all the DLC weapons only be obtainable through reserves be completely revamped to how it was in either Ghosts, IW, WWII or a mixture of them all.

The problem with these new DLC guns is not only are they only obtainable through reserves, but the Switchblade (with RF2), Daemon (with HC2), Stingray (with OM) and the Peacemaker MK2 sport alarmingly fast TTKs that make the base guns seem underwhelming, making the Spitfire (with OM), Saug 9MM (with OM), MOG 12 (with Barrel Choke), Mozu (with OM) and the one shot kill snipers worthy of taking them on. Even then, the MOG, Saug and Spitfire are only good up close, snipers need someone who’s good at quickscoping/hardscoping and hit the 1SK regions and the Mozu needs headshots
All while all of those DLC guns can compete at short and medium and even medium-long ranges and still outgun the base guns.

Infinity Ward did it right in Infinite Warfare and no matter what people say about that game being bad, it was the best in the franchise for how you unlock the DLC weapons, by locking them behind a simple challenge.
Back when the VPR launched, I didn’t manage to get a variant out of the supply drops, but I wasn’t angry because all I needed to do was score 30 hipfire kills with any other SMG (IIRC) and that’s what I did to get the base gun.


Here on BO4 and even on BO3, it’s complete chaos where lucky people with guns like the XMC and Switchblade are slaying those without them, and these being guns that are now locked behind a lootbox system means that you will never know when you’ll get them, if you ever will. Back on AW, I was very lucky and got the Bal 27 Obsidian Steed when I was level 5 or so, but didn’t get the ASM1 Speakeasy up until 9th prestige, so it’s all luck based.
On BO3, the same thing happened, and to this day, I still don’t have the Marshal 16’s, which sucks as those guns were super fun to use.
I could go back right now and be super lucky and get it on my first try, or insanely unlucky and get it on my 2000th try. This system is outright dumb and you have no choice but to have to wait for luck to knock on your door to get the gun you desire.
When new guns are added, I say they should have a guaranteed way of getting ahold of them like IW and SHG offers, and not playing with a roulette wheel where the odds are heavily stacked against you, given the extreme dilution of the loot pool with all sorts of things that I’ll never use such as Disney Princess camos, Hello Kitty camos, Barbie camos, $2 vending machine keychains, cosplay costumes, emotes that belong in Fortnite and spray paint artwork that Treyarch seemingly commissioned from some artist on Facebook. So you get it, it’s just filler content.

On BO3, Treyarch could’ve just set a challenge such as “Get 200 hipfire kills with an SMG” for the XMC, and in BO4, “Get 1000 kills with an SMG with 6 attachments” for the Switchblade, “Get 50 Combat Axe kills for the Ballistic Knife” and so on and so forth.

This idea is completely feasible and is why IW/SHG adopted it, but it’s Treyarch that doesn’t want to give us this method of unlocking weapons. At the very least if they wanted to make money off in game purchases, they’d sell the guns for fixed prices like the Ripper in Ghosts.

Infinity Ward gave us both options in their most recent games and Sledgehammer Games did the same in WWII. So why isn’t Treyarch following suit and continuing to be stubborn?

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