CoD: Black Ops 4

I got into COD (BO4) for its blackout modes, i’m beyond disappointment now

black ops 4 6 - I got into COD (BO4) for its blackout modes, i'm beyond disappointment now

tl;dr : Going back from Hot Pursuit 2.0 (HMH) to Hot Pursuit 1.0 makes no sense at all, also XBOX/PC users got scammed, again…

I got into blackout during a free trial weekend back in february, liked it, bought the game and kept playing, it was my first CoD ever…
When Hot pursuit came out i fell in love with the game mode ;
When Alcatraz came out i liked it but not as much as hot pursuit.

I was first disappointed when Hot pursuit constantly left and came back, per Treyarch's wish, without warning the community, but Alcatraz got its permanent slot.
Then they started putting new and interesting weapons in crates, i'm past 40 days into the game (prestige 3 in Blackout, again : first CoD ever) and i don't have the vendetta, the VMP, the peacekeeper, the havelina… the only two weapons i got and can play in blackout are the AN94 and the crossbow, the rest of my blackjack crates' content was from when the weapons were directly in the black market…


Then they release Hot Pursuit 2.0 also know as Heavy metal heroes (with a lame french translation for the mode : héros des métaux lourds LOL), and take it away without a warning in the middle of the season without any new mode to replace it, we are going back from Hot Pursuit 2.0 to hot Pursuit 1.0 and it doesn't make sense to me, how can it make sense to Treyarch ?
– The Loot per respawn system was better in HMH, the more you die the less stuff you spawn in with, unlike hot pursuit where it's almost interesting to commit suicide before the last respawn to get a level2 armor…
– The tanks were OP at first but there are so many rockets laying around the map, and Operator Hellion Salvos in supply drops that i reckon the community found a way around the tanks being OP.
– All the modes are filled with snipers everywhere, except on Alcatraz, because the main map is mostly wide and empty ; solo, duo, regular squad, hot pursuit… if it's on the main map it's gonna have a shit ton of snipers, and the HMH mode gave me better ways to avoid those deadly shots and cover the distance between me and my ennemies, this mode gave the non-snipers a fighting chance in wide and empty spaces between points of interest.

Also, I'm on Xbox, so i felt even more let down by Treyarch as this game cost the same on PS4 and Xbox, with a "1 week delay" for the content between the two platforms, but that wasn't respected here, as Treyarch failed to respect this simple rule before. As a gamer who plays blackout exclusively, I don't understand why i got one less week of the best mode despite paying the same amount as PS4 players for this game…

I hope Treyarch will bring it back, permanently, for those who won't be porting over to Modern Warfare, because of the blackout modes (or at least until there is a battle royal mode on Modern Warfare).

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