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I honestly can’t get why there’s a profanity filter for custom class and emblem names

black ops 4 4 - I honestly can’t get why there’s a profanity filter for custom class and emblem names

When I first started BO4 on my second account, I couldn’t be bothered to make another Singapore flag emblem, so I picked the Japanese flag as it was the easiest one I could think of. When I was done, I named it Japan but it was rejected and at that time, I didn’t know why, until I realised the filter must’ve picked up “Jap” and blocked the name. I was like “That’s fine” and went off to make a Singapore flag.

A few weeks later after watching Ralph Breaks The Internet, I got the idea to copy the designs of the T Shirts that princesses wear and use those as emblems.

My first choice was Elsa’s short which said “Just Let It Go” and I once I was done, I went to name it “Just Let It Go” and I was rejected. Because of “Tit”.
I was like “Ok. I’ll think of another name” and I went for “Elsa’s Shirt” and that too was rejected. Because of “Ass”

Now here’s the thing. My emblem drew inspiration from a family friendly movie, so there’s no way it’s gonna be offensive. Secondly, I get that Treyarch doesn’t want us to be as rude as Ruin, but emblem names are something only the owner can see, and the same thing ones for custom class names. Even if I went ahead to name my class “Fuck this fuck Treyarch and fuck everything” or something to that effect, no one will ever see it. Unless of course, if they somehow use black magic to get my PSN account credentials and log in.
But in normal gameplay circumstances, you’d never be able to know what I named my class, or emblem. If I kill you in any public match and you watch the killcam, you’ll just see my emblem and class setup and NOT my emblem NAME or class NAME.


I can completely agree implementing such a profanity filter for clan tags, because people running around with 4 letter profanities or whatever might put some players off, but no one is ever going to be put off telepathically from an an emblem/class name that only my eyes can see.
The Titan is the most prominent example where so many are saying that it’s not a vulgar word and I agree, but the game does because it contains tit.
Same thing with people naming their class Assault, for AR classes. Ass causes the filter to bar the name.

Why is there a filter for such a personal part of the game, even? Like I said. No one will ever know what I name my classes because it’s not stated anywhere except in the emblem gallery when I access it, and only I have access to it.

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