CoD: Black Ops 4

I liked Zero at first…not anymore.

black ops 4 2 - I liked Zero at first...not anymore.

When Zero first came out a few days ago, I was all over her. It seemed like the ideal way for me to experience using high-end scorestreaks for once. I don't have a very high KD and I struggle to go on 5+ kill streaks since I'm always going for the flags in Domination. I stole my fair share of attack choppers and drone squads, but a friend of mine convinced me to try using Crash and improve my game. I changed my streaks to UAV, Attack Chopper, and Gunship, not thinking I would get them but giving it a shot anyway. After a day of grinding and slowly getting closer and closer to the streaks, I finally got them towards the end of the second round of Domination, and immediately called in the chopper and ran to the back of green house (NUK3TOWN) and used the Gunship. Before I could even get a kill with the Gunship since I was trying to figure out the controls, the enemy Zero hacked the Gunship and kicked me out of it. I stood there in disbelief for a second, and before I knew it my own attack chopper killed me.


I thought Zero was supposed to be designed for new players (or bad players like me) and give them a sense of accomplishment, but after having my first real accomplishment stripped away from me in seconds, I've realized that Zero doesn't make me want to play anymore if I can't even get rewarded as I grind to get better.

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