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I suppose it’s time for me to become vocal in this community again now that things have gone from bad to worse (again!)

black ops 4 2 - I suppose it’s time for me to become vocal in this community again now that things have gone from bad to worse (again!)

I’m gonna start off by asking you to not preorder Modern Warfare. Plain and simple. There’s less incentive for Activision to deliver an enjoyable, fair and rewarding game when the checks are all in the mail months before release.

That being said: stop playing Call of Duty. Tell your friends, and share the tag #BoycottCoD on social media. I’ve said it a million and one times before when other crap has reared its head in Black Ops 4, but now I’m sincerely hoping the community can see what BO4 is. Nothing’s gonna change while people keep playing like nothing happened. Treyarch and Activision will just keep laughing their way to the bank if that keeps up.

And how many times has Treyarch lied to us this year? God, I don’t even know anymore. We’re in the same exact situation we were in with Black Ops III: statistically different weapons in the supply drops. Only this time, you get one item per drop instead of three, and there’s not only duplicates but such an egregious amount of completely useless filler content in the game that you cannot realistically hope to get those new weapons at all. Activision and Treyarch are both at a complete and utter disconnect with the CoD community.

Don’t empty your bank accounts or burn your parents’ money on this new sh–t. It’s not worth it.

You’re being used. Either Treyarch is behind this bullsh–t or they didn’t exercise their power as the game developer to stand against it. Which is worse, I don’t know and I don’t care.


Stop playing CoD until something changes. Don’t spend a cent on the franchise, at least for now. We’ve been here royally pissed off more times than I can remember now, and it’s only gone from bad to worse. I hope you guys feel betrayed, and I hope the notion that you paid to play this game makes you angry. It annoys me to have to be so pontifical against a franchise that I used to love, but they’ve spit on me for having invested any trust in them. This is my last Treyarch game. I can’t even begin to imagine buying another. It’s also probably my last CoD at that. Modern Warfare has a hell of a lot of proving to do before I even consider buying it. I really couldn’t care less about all the awesome things we’ve heard about MW if sh–t like this will be there, too. I have always held Infinity Ward in high regard, but there’s still Activision to contend with.

Don’t play the losers in this Treyarch and Activision drama again. It really, truly pains me to say that your resilience as a community is the reason Call of Duty is becoming a joke. You rebound every time they stab you in the back, always hoping things will get better. Newsflash: they don’t. It’s time to do something different.

Realize that you mean nothing but money to the people that delivered this game to you, and that you’ve been completely mistreated for having spent money on it. Call of Duty needs to be ignored right now if it’s got any shot of being good again. There’s no debate here anymore.

# #BoycottCoD.

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