CoD: Black Ops 4

I swear treyarch, BO4 is just a complete mess at this point

black ops 4 3 - I swear treyarch, BO4 is just a complete mess at this point

Before I begin I'm using black ops 3 as reference since both games were made by treyarch. Also some points made in this post may be wrong as I haven't played much of both these games in a while as I've been too caught up in work (last few weeks of school.) Also apologies if I make any mistakes in my point as I'm pretty tired right now.

I'm not even joking at this point, I haven't even gotten to play the new operation yet (cause I'm on Xbox,) and with how greedy the way you guys throw almost everything behind the black market with high price stamps make me think that black ops 3 had better microtransactions than this game.

Literally playing for about thirty minutes to an hour to get a rare supply drop containing 3 items, at least one rare or better item and any dupes you got… They could just be burned for my cryptokeys for another shot (if you have enough,) compared to you spending an hour for one item on BO4 for it to be something you won't use or it being a duplicate along with almost every thing cool announced in trailers being locked behind paywalls with singular gun camos and reactive camos ranging from 3-10 bucks. WTH guys.


Also with the black ops pass costing pretty much the same price as the damn game that still has many tuning issues and a zombies mode that its community is pretty much neglected, was a waste of money as we're almost eight months in and all we've had were only seven multiplayer maps, three zombies maps, four blackout characters, and only 1000 cod points and I forgot how much NB you get for zombies.

But when you buy the season pass for BO3 you get all the map packs (besides zombies Chronicles) with several multiplayer maps, a handful of immersive zombies maps (der eisendrache being my favorite for it's design besides Revelations) a guranteed weapon bribe (melee or ranged) along with a bundle of 10 rare supply drops. The multiplayers camos you would get if you bought Chronicles.

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Now content… Oh sweet game content. Do I have to say anything besides BO3 having the most from variety and originality in maps, weapons, all the things you would see in a typical cod game from a few years ago.

I'm gonna cut this post short and say the difference in 3 years has been disappointing for everyone who once loved this franchise. Take a look at the mess you've made 3arc and give what the community wants in order to keep this faint light alive.

Good night everyone, I'm off to bed.

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