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I think I’m done with specialists.

black ops 4 2 - I think I'm done with specialists.

I'm closing in on master prestige, and I think I'm finally done with specialists. I've never really had a problem with them, and on the road to master prestige this year I've had a blast with them at times: Rapid quads with the tempest, clearing control objectives with the war machine, precision feeds with the annihilator. There's no doubt that they provide memorable moments.

However, no matter how fun they can be to use, I've reached a point where they are overshadowed by a fundamental principle: Player's don't like being punished when they haven't done anything wrong, or worse, when they've done everything right. I'm so tired of playing a gunfight perfectly, and then walking into an Ajax shield. Dead. Pushing a corner with an SMG because I know an enemy is week, and then bang, chain shocked by a Tempest that connected with the team-mate stood behind me.. Being bowled over by a K9 unit that I can't hear coming, whilst his owner sits in a corner on the other side of a map. About to light up a perfect flank when a seeker drone flies round a corner and leaves you unable to move. All this emphasised by the knowledge that the person who killed you did not 'earn' the advantage they have just leveraged over you.


These instances have just piled up over the last couple of months, and it feels tiring to consistently be punished with a feeling of not being able to do anything about it, and to see no improvements you can make as a player to avoid a similar fate in the future.

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