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I was one of the very few people that got a unique gun from the bribe instead of a MK II… and it actually made me really upset

black ops 4 1 - I was one of the very few people that got a unique gun from the bribe instead of a MK II... and it actually made me really upset

So i've been grinding through the tiers and made it to tier 25 today. I unlock the bribe from hitting the tier and brace for the worst as I open up the menu to use the bribe.

I open up the bribe and what do ya know, a brand new shiny Locus bolt action sniper rifle is sitting there right before me on my screen.

I was slightly shocked at first since I was surely expecting a MK II, but anyway I boot up multiplayer and equip the Locus and search for a match of TDM

Now I must say, I am someone who HATES sniping in BO4. Getting the 4 snipers done en route to unlocking dark matter was a real struggle and a pain for me, I felt an immense sense of relief when the grind was done many months ago, and now going back to sniping sort of had me on edge for what I might have to deal with when it comes to this new gun. I join a match that just started on Nuketown of all maps and I load in with Crash and my level 1 no-attachment Locus class ready to go

As I started playing the match, I was immediately blown away by how this Locus sniper rifle feels. It seriously feels just like the old school bolt action snipers in previous COD games. Imagine an Intervention from MW2 except with even less recoil, a faster rechamber and just an amazing feel when you line up the shot and get the kill.

As i'm playing through the match, my K/D is through the roof and i'm loving every second of it. Headshots left and right just because the handling stats of the thing are insane and the default optic is the best sniper optic so far in BO4, I even managed to pull off a quickscope on someone who flanked me and I don't even know how to quickscope.


As the match ends and I get put back into the lobby, that is when it started to dawn on me.

Large swaths of this community will NEVER be able to experience this level of joy from these new guns because of Treyarch's disgusting greed and anti-consumer distribution of the new weapons. There will be die hard snipers who will never get to use the best sniper rifle in the game right now through NO fault of their own. They get penalized for not being insanely lucky or throwing hundreds of dollars at a game they already paid $60 for and frankly that is total bullshit.

Now as I use this new gun, I just feel frustrated and upset at how things are and I feel like I don't really deserve to have this kind of fun because 99% of the community gets screwed out of the same experience as me for LITERALLY NO REASON besides that of Treyarch's own doing.

We never saw this level of greed in IW or WWII. In IW they literally gave all the guns to season pass holders at no extra cost, and in WWII at least their lootboxes gave you 3 items at a time and allowed you to stockpile hundreds of them while waiting for the next operation as well as giving out free contracts to get many boxes easily in a day and they even gave dedicated contracts for a small amount of armory credits to unlock the gun itself if you were just THAT unlucky.

Treyarch has done none of this for us and they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

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