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I was super excited, and now I am disappointed…

black ops 4 5 - I was super excited, and now I am disappointed...

G/D/DM camos not being available in Blackout, and now 'The Numbers' outfit being removed from Multiplayer.

I was super excited when I saw they will add camos to Blackout. "Great, I am actually going to grind out the rest of my Dark Matter today so I can equip it to my guns in Blackout!" So that is what I did. I unlocked Dark Matter today.

And then I found out we cannot do that.

I equipped my 'The Number's' outfit in MP, only to just find out that it is gone from MP. So if I were to take it off any of the characters, I could not put it back on.

These both seem like steps in the wrong direction. We should be able to show off the rewards we get throughout the game modes, because it's all still part of the same game.

So what if I play more MP rather than Blackout? I should be able to show off my hard work for Dark Matter to my friends and enemies when I step into Blackout. Heck, not even to show off, but to enjoy what I unlocked in the same game.

And it's vice versa with 'The Numbers' outfits being removed from MP. I was disappointing initially when they revealed that they will unlock all specialists in Blackout. "I grinded out my favourite ones, now all that time is wasted!". But then I saw the outfit rewards, and I was a huge fan. I was happy. "They look great, and now my multiplayer friends and enemies can see that I put time and effort in Blackout too!". I equipped them onto my MP characters right away.


Until they were removed. Now I can't enjoy and show off my favourite outfits and camos across game modes. Y'know, in the same game.

Let me enjoy my hard work. Let everyone customise how they want to look and play. If all the modes are restricted to those mode's unlocks, everyone will eventually look the same with the same unlocks when they get round to unlocking everything. Letting us use our unlocks cross-game modes will diversify what people look like. People may even want to play the other modes for more unlocks, or getting something they liked.

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And shoutout to the Zombie players too, I hear you guys have had this problem since the start… and I may even want to dabble in some Zombies myself if I knew there were exclusive, COOL, unlocks (I know you get your own camos, but I am meaning stuff like Dark Matter) that I could use on my Blackout and MP characters. Since, y'know… it's all part of the SAME GAME.

And if this all turns out to be some bug and not actual intended features and decisions, then hopefully we see it rectified soon!

TL;DR – Restricting unlocks (the cool stuff, like G/D/DM, outfits etc.) to their respective game modes stales the diversity of customisation and generally segregates the appearance of characters to respective game modes. Please don't do this, let us mix and match across game modes.

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