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If anything, Treyarch should’ve followed SHG and Infinity Ward’s footsteps when it comes to adding DLC guns

black ops 4 5 - If anything, Treyarch should’ve followed SHG and Infinity Ward’s footsteps when it comes to adding DLC guns

Let’s compare how the CoD games permitted unlocking new weapons/weapon variants since Ghosts, the first game I played that has DLC weapons:

  • IW/Ghosts: Locked behind a paywall of a few dollars per weapon

  • SHG/Advanced Warfare: Locked behind supply drops, though hitting Grand Master Prestige would unlock the majority of weapon variants, though DLC weapons were locked behind a mix of the Season Pass and supply drops

  • 3arc/Black Ops 3: All DLC weapons are locked behind supply drops

  • IW/Infinite Warfare: Most weapon variants are available to be crafted, with some locked behind supply drops. New weapons could be unlocked by either getting a variant from a supply drop or by completing a challenge

  • SHG/WWII: Weapon variants are locked behind supply drops, though most of them can be attained by daily/weekly orders and via contracts

  • 3arc/Black Ops 4: All new weapons are attainable in limited time events, and once those events end, Reserves are the only way of getting them

If we compare these 6 games, it’s Treyarch that’s making life a living hell, by locking every single DLC gun behind a RNG paywall. In BO3, it was chaos opening one RSD after the other, only to get camos that I’ll never ever use. Here in BO4, it’s not as bad because of the tier system but once the operation tied to the DLC gun ends, Reserves are your best and only way of ever getting them, which is in essence, a copy paste job of the BO3 loot system, having RSD’s as the one and only way of getting a DLC gun.

AW, IW and WWII may be full of RNG supply drops just like BO4’s Reserves, but the majority of the sought after weapons can be unlocked with absolute certainty by hitting Grand Master Prestige, Crafting them with salvage/completing a challenge and by completing an order/contract respectively.


Ghosts is still the best though, with it allowing purchase of DLC guns for just a few dollars with no RNG BS to interfere with my purchase.

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Honestly, the IW/SHG systems starting from Ghosts for IW and WWII for SHG should’ve been the system that DLC guns should’ve been added, being purchasable for a couple of bucks or being a reward for completing a challenge, order or contract.

And as a last point, I want to point out that the Switchblade DLC SMG in BO4 has the fastest TTK with RFII, completely outgunning the once dominant Saug 9mm and Spitfire.
I am fine with new guns, but when they’re unattainable outside limited time events and locked behind a RNG paywall following the end of such events and ultimately dominate the weapons that come with the base game, it is NOT okay.

Back on BO3, I never complained about not getting guns like the HG 40 because they were meant to be used for fun and not for killing as the VMP was a superior choice. But once the XMC came, I started to open my mouth for it was a gun that made the VMP look underpowered, and was locked behind supply drops, which I shall reiterate, are a complete dice roll on what you get.

The current system of attaining DLC guns is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t mean this as a slight. I mean this as constructive criticism because of how the Switchblade is currently reigning supreme over all the SMGs, a gun only attainable during the previous operation and reserves, and not being able to be crafted like in IW, earned from completing a challenge/contract/order like IW and WWII, or outright bought for a fixed price in Ghosts

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