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If Treyarch’s next game truly releases in 2020, then I’m afraid it will be in shambles.

black ops 4 5 - If Treyarch's next game truly releases in 2020, then I'm afraid it will be in shambles.

With the recent Kotaku article shedding a lot of light on the management and development cycle for Black Ops 4, it's truly quite a shame how the skillful and accomplished developers are practically relinquishing their lives to make their games. Nobody here on this sub-reddit really knows what goes in to make a game such as Call of Duty. We know a lot of them hate the state of the game and the passion for it has diminished immensely and I understand why. Not to mention the QA testers getting treated like slaves.

The crunch time leading up to the release of Black Ops 4 shows how much pressure is on the shoulders of everyone at the studios. The entire game got pushed to early October in fear of losing sales because of Red Dead Redemption 2 (a completely different genre of game nowhere related to a first-person shooter), which means less time to create, less time to test and an all-around harder crunch time.

They truly busted their ass for the fans and the content they have released into this game is a lot of fun to play with. At the core, I immensely enjoy Black Ops 4, I've have had more fun on this game than the last few titles when I don't think about the raunchy blanket that looms over it.

The entire Blackout mode was created in just seven months and they did a damn good job with what time they did have. Blackout is a breath of fresh air for the franchise and because it has been supported with new weapons, equipment and updates, it has been a lot of fun! At least, until recently with Blackjack's Stash being implemented.


A lot of scrapping was done over the course of this game's development cycle that we know of and God only knows how much more was scrapped that wasn't made public. I don't know two things about game development so my opinion holds no weight in trying to decipher what is right and wrong, but I do know that with anything anybody plans to create, there needs to be a plan in the very early stages of development. They have to stick to said plan, otherwise a situation like Black Ops 4 happens.

If time was not of the essence, Black Ops 4 could have released a year, maybe two years later, but it would have been in a much better state. Rockstar pushed Red Dead Redemption 2 twice before releasing it and their game, while not perfect, is a gem to play. Activision's endless quest to maximize profits will ultimately lead to Call of Duty's downfall should their reign continue the way it is.

The only solution to REALLY revitalize this franchise it to take a year or two off and let the devs perfect their craft. Modern Warfare will become a massive hit and will most likely keep their fans engaged for the entire year. Unless of course, the Activision wand comes into play and screws everything over. By taking a year off like Ubisoft did with the Assassin's Creed franchise, it'll give the developers and fans some much need recharge to prevent burnout. The hype for Cod 2021 will be even higher and they can focus their efforts on creating a title suited for the next generation of consoles. If Treyarch/Raven/Sledgehammer release a game in 2020, then I fear this series will crumble.

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