CoD: Black Ops 4

I’m a web designer, I build navigation systems for a living, the BLOPS4 menus are garbage

black ops 4 6 - I'm a web designer, I build navigation systems for a living, the BLOPS4 menus are garbage
  1. You have some items that have hover effects that reveal their contents, other menu items you click. Just no, you don't do that. You stick with a method for a product, and you stick with it.

  2. Navigating the BLOPS4 menus for 30 seconds and you get this overwhelming feeling that you still have no idea where things are.

  3. Selecting a mode is pushed right up against other buttons with minor pixel spacing. Trying to navigate the menus quickly? Sorry, you accidentally clicked the current advertised mode, and now when you click find match, it's changed your normal mode you play.

  4. Let's show the user they unlocked an emote. Cool, but let's hide in the back of the entire fu*king system what key is assigned to that emote and how to change it.

  5. You don't signify a currently selected items by simply putting a small orange arrow in the corner. This makes the selected item 98% the same look as an unselected item.


BLOPS4 team, do not use Beenox again for your menu navigation, because it's horrible, from both a gamer perspective, and a professional one.

I should not have to remember where menu functions are hidden, it should come natural. You should be able to tell someone that has never navigated it before, what feature you want to change, and they should be able to find it in under 30 seconds.

You guys stick with the same, modified engine, year after year, but for some strange reason, you feel you can't do that with your menu system.

Design a good one, and leave it. Reskin it per game, but leave the functionality and where features are located alone.

I shouldn't feel like I need to spend 5+ minutes looking for how to assign emotes to a key.


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