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I’m just not finding the multiplayer fun at all anymore

black ops 4 1 - I’m just not finding the multiplayer fun at all anymore

When I first got BlOps4, I was a little underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad, it was a different pace to the CoD I was used to but it definitely had qualities that led me to feel that with some balance changes it could be a fun year of CoD action. Blackout is also cool so that was a bonus. Two prestiges in now and I just..I can’t anymore. There’s too much in the game that annoys me. The biggest offender is also the reason why I didn’t play much BlOps3, Specialists. They’re just not fun, nor are they interesting in a mechanical sense.

Other hero shooters: Siege, Overwatch, Paladins, etc. They design characters that change the dynamic of a round but also make them weak to alternate characters in either a soft or hard counter sense. In Siege: Bandit has batteries that electrify objects, Thatcher counters with an EMP grenade, Jäger counters with a trophy system. That’s one example of how a pick can change how another player is forced to play. Bandit can still beat Thatcher but he knows that if his batteries are down in obvious places and Thatcher is alive, he’s going to contribute less to the team. This simply doesn’t exist in BlOps4.

TDM is too frantic a mode for tactical equipment to really impact a match. Torque for example has his razor wire and barricade. The counter to this isn’t another character, it’s an RPG or shooting it a bunch with FMJ. Anybody can do that and nobody can do that, as generic bullets also break it slowly and with the map design you have other entrances anyway so who cares if a room is blocked off. Prophet, Battery, Ruin, Nomad all have equipment that require no real skill. They’re just win buttons, if they use them near an enemy and nothing – nothing – can be done when you’re hit with the drone or a ruin grav-slam. Sure, you simply respawn in 2 seconds so it’s no big deal in the grand scheme but it’s not fun nor interesting to jus get deleted from the map because you were in the AoE. This also can be said for still like Hellstorms, Airstrikes, Choppers and Gunships but at the very least you need to earn those streaks so something was accomplished by the person who got it. A no-specialists mode would be hugely appreciated for starters.

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Aside from specialists, the rest of the game is just a bit mediocre. There’s not many guns, few are interesting and the balance is still off as the Titan and Paladin are kicking everybody’s asses. The Hellstorm is too easy to earn and too affective for multi-kills, leading to many spawns where you die within 10 seconds from its explosion. The three lane design of most maps is bland and they’re so squat that the questionable spawn logic still leads to Hardpoint (less so) and Domination (very much so) being potential spawn trap meta grinders. Domination is my most played mode in the franchise by a country mile but I really hate playing it in this game as the maps are just so bad for the mode. The open lines of sight are brutal and the choke points are so easy to defend if your team can get some momentum.

Even the actual grind isn’t worth it or interesting. The monetisation sucks, the contraband stream is full of low quality junk apart from a few things, the progression is asinine with simply the worst battle pass system I’ve witnessed, the special orders are an insult to our decency and the PS4 exclusive window is getting petty at this point when free modes and even the store was a week late on other platforms.

I respect zombies but I don’t have a crew to roll with so going in blind with fandoms is intimidating. Blackout is pretty fun, I can’t deny that. It needs some QoL changes but it’s one of the best BR experiences out there, no question. I thought I’d be playing the multiplayer consistently all year so I got the deluxe edition as I really enjoyed WW2, IW, AW, BlOps 1/2 and the MW series. Yet, I can’t grind myself to play anymore. I tried playing tonight, first time in little under a month and I hated every minute of it. With Black Ops 3 and 4 being back to back disappointments, I’m honestly not sure I can buy another Treyarch game. There’s absolutely time for them to improve things and I hope they do as I’d like to get my money’s worth but this game isn’t it as of right now.

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