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In Game Counters to VMP

black ops 4 2 - In Game Counters to VMP

So I wanted to compile a list of in-game tactics and setups I’ve discovered to counter the VMP since I seem to run into it very frequently, and typically the people using it are competent enough at the game to REALLY run a lobby if they’re using this gun.

If you are a new player or returning to BO4 after a hiatus or after getting tired of MW 2019, hopefully this will be handy for you.

First off, what DOESN’T work:

-Going head to head with them. If you go head to head with a VMP user, particularly if you are using a different SMG or AR at close to medium range, you’re most likely toast if the other guy has even average aiming ability. Even if you are an above average player with above average aim, it only helps your chances of surviving a VMP gunfight by a little, especially if the other person is above average at the game.

-Also using a VMP. Now, I’ll clarify this: if YOU pull out a VMP also, you might have a better chance of WINNING THE MATCH, but it will only make you even with the other VMP user. Your chances of winning a gunfight with the other VMP user is still 50/50, unless you are just significantly more skilled than the other person.

-Body Armor. Body armor doesn’t really do much against VMPs. Their high rate of fire and accuracy make them cut through body armor like butter. It may slow them down a little bit, but overall body armor will not save you from the VMP.

-Engaging only at medium range The VMP is surprisingly accurate at medium ranges. Trying to engage a VMP user at medium ranges only is not a good counter for a VMP, particularly if you are trying to do so with an SMG.

Okay, so now what does work?

Counters I’ve found to the VMP

1. Long Range Engagements

As good as the VMP is, long ranges are usually not in it’s wheelhouse unless the user is adept at burst firing accurately. Try to pick off the VMP user from longer ranges using an AR or LMG. Unfortunately, this could prove to be the hardest counter to implement since Black Ops 4 doesn’t have a ton of opportunities for long range encounters.

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2. Use a VMP

I know I put this under what doesnt work, but I’ll put it here too, because while it isn’t a guaranteed counter to the VMP, more often than not you’ll find a VMP user who is simply an average player who you’ll be able to easily take out provided you have better aim than them. But if you are equally skilled, also a VMP will not save you, just even your odds.

3. Specialist Abilities

This one seems almost too obvious, but I know many people like to run non-lethal specialists like Crash, Recon, and Zero. This will not give you any advantage over a VMP. Knowing where the VMP user is doesn’t guarantee you’ll have an advantage going up against them, and extra health from crash doesn’t give you as significant of an advantage either due to the VMPs high fire rate and accuracy. If you are trying to take out a VMP user, use a lethal specialist. Ideally Nomad, whose mesh mines and dog will allow you to engage the VMP user without putting yourself at risk. Firebreak is also good, although VMPs can sometimes outgun the purifier, and Prophet is also a good alternative.

4. The Strobe Light of Justice

The strobe light is annoying, cheesy, and frustrating to go against. Which, unfortunately, makes it the perfect counter to the VMP. VMP users are expecting to laser-beam melt their opponents; by using the strobe light, you throw off their aim, make them miss shots, and above all else: frustrate them. Ideally this will lead to them making mistakes, opening themselves up to more deaths, or leaving the lobby. The MOG can also be used here, but keep in mind that even a below average VMP user can outgun a mog with rudimentary situational awareness.

5. The Reaver

The reaver is another one of these cheese OHK weapons that really is only good for getting some easy kills on VMP users and frustrate them into making mistakes, or just leaving the lobby from frustration.

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Good luck everyone.

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