CoD: Black Ops 4

Is it just me or has the online quality seriously gone downhill lately?

black ops 4 2 - Is it just me or has the online quality seriously gone downhill lately?

Just going to point out my personal experience for the last week or so…

•I end up in many more games with 90+ ping than ever before. It used to be 30-40 range consistently.

•Vast majority of my teammates and my enemies speak foreign languages. I’m actually shocked when someone isn’t foreign lately.

•I have had more “no hit marker” incidents than ever before.

•I see many more players lagging/rubber banding.

•I have a hard time picking up items and often times can choose to pick up the same item twice if it’s in a stash/box/crate/bag. Although I only end up with the one item it appears I’ve done it twice.

•I can fully complete the heal animation/progress bar only to see I didn’t heal of expend the item.

•On rare occasion I have attempted to use an equipment item and my character rapidly uses all equipment items. Quickly throwing all throwables and very awkwardly getting stuck unable to do anything at all while the character continually tries to place a razor wire/barricade once it gets to that item in the loadout.

•I can’t begin to tell you how often I down when I can only see myself flinch once from gunshots, or worse, sometimes I just instantly down. However, the killcam shows them very normally shooting me and hitting me several times.


•My NAT type is 2 and when I test my PS4 internet connection it’s always at least 200mbps but almost always 300 range.

It’s honestly unbearable at times but I find I’m either in a match similar to the conditions I’ve listed above or in a normal match. There is no in between. I’m either getting 0 kills (1 if I’m lucky but I’m at an unreasonable amount of damage for some reason) or I’m getting a normal amount of kills for myself (typically 8 on the low end, mid-high teens if I’m vibing).

Once more, this has only been a more recent experience of mine but I’ll mention that some of my friends have been having issues too. Not all of them have the patience to deal with it either, a few just choose not to play.

Anyhow, I’d love to hear if this is a legitimate issue or if I’m just an isolated case of FML. Although I’ve had no problems with any other online games on my PS4 and funny enough a friend of mine on Xbox mentioned he’s been having issues on BO4 lately too without any indication from me. Too coincidental if you ask me.

Thanks for being my internet therapist and listening to my problems. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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