CoD: Black Ops 4

It’s not fear – The Vendetta sniper

black ops 4 4 - It's not fear - The Vendetta sniper

I have a mouse and keyboard adapter – XIM , I also have a cronus max with rapid fire on it and I connect the two – a mouse with rapid fire.

With this setup, the Vendetta sniper is the ultimate god gun. Especially after getting used to no aim assist I'm 1 shot headshooting entire teams auto spamming that thing all game and destroying the biggest sweats with the sweatiest setups in the game constantly people shooting my body and talking trash.

Yes I've been mousing and keyboarding on console since 2010 but it's always been with aim assist on. It took some time to get used to no aim assist but the past few months it's been straight up [email protected], especially if get a little serious to the point where I feel bad for what I do to people. You think the stringray was bad ? LOL With good accuracy and that setup above, there is NOTHING in this game that comes even close. 1 shot headshot fully spammable sniper with rapid fire and a mouse and keyboard can not be outgunned by anything. You can take on multiple people at once and drop them in no time.

Thank you treyarch !!! I love setups like this. Since I like to go right in the open and shoot people I need a cheesy setup like this. But again this is only good if you really accurate. Even with this setup it takes weeks of practice and talent to turn it into a god setup. I don't hide behind stuff, run from gunfigts or rely on movement like strafing sliding or jumping to win gun fights. Never have, never will. This is why I need setups like these. Before this it was the Stringray, before that the Auger, before that the VKM and the headsplitter pistol, but the vendetta once mastered like this is on a completely different level.


The reason why disabling the aim assist is so important is because the way aim assist works on auto snipers is TERRIBLE. I don't know if it's bad when using a controller, but what it does is it slows down you sensitivty when you're near your target, BUT it doesn't follow them like it usually does. This means if you target is moving, you wont be able to react fast enough, because you're slower due to the decreased sensitivity.

With any other setup I am simply above avarage. There is no other setup that allows me to take down a group of people so fast. So from here, as good as I may be or as accurate etc., it doesn't matter, I would have to hide after every kill or two which I don't do. I like the "walking sentry gun" gimmick and that's the only thing I do. If only this sniper was in the game when it first dropped I would rate it much higher. The 150 health used to drive me insane. Thank god for weapons like this, the stringray, the auger etc. Otherwise I wouldn't be playing it.

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