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Long post kiddies, but this is an informative post. As the title says, I want to give some tips to people who want to improve. You don't even have to be an accuracy demon either – my accuracy is below average but I maintain a respectable KD + SPM.

OUTSMART the enemy. That's the topic of discussion. It's not all about gunplay, and there are a lot of elements in this game that contribute to being a good player. How do we outsmart the enemy? Well there's two parts to that: pre-game and live-game. I won't go into live-game moments (you can know a map inside out but are you intelligently navigating it to take advantage of the enemy team?) in this post because this post will already be extensive enough, so I'll stick with pre-game.

PRE-GAME: part of doing well happens before you even start the match. I'll use TDM as an example since it's the simplest and list 3 tips.

—-How are your classes set up? Are you prepared for devastating situations?

This is crucial and can have a major impact on the outcome of matches. As a person that can pub-stomp a lobby if the enemies are playing stupidly, I find that I pub-stomp… quite a bit lol. If the enemy team is constantly spamming UAVs, are you just running around like normally, or are you equipped to deal with it? Do you have a class that will shoot down UAVs? Do you have a class with the Ghost perk?

Even if you decide that you only want to use one or two weapons – create multiple classes of each to deal with in-game situations. If you only like using the ICR: create an ICR class with Ghost. Create an ICR class with the hellion launcher. Create an ICR class with tac mask (to counter the strobe-light shotgun). Why use the default classes when you can create your own and specialize it even more?

Example: I don't use the default Titan class. I have my own class called UTILITY. This class is equipped with the Titan FMJ 1 + 2, which allows me to shoot down enemy UAVs, CUAVs, Snipers Nests, Attack Choppers, etc…

I also have Engineer perk with this class, which allows me to see enemy equipment through walls and helps locate enemy aircraft easier. I rarely use the care package scorestreak but when I do, I wait until I die, switch to my UTILITY class, then throw my care package. Because this class has the engineer perk, it allows me to swap out the results of my care package just once, increasing the chance I get something good.

My UTILITY class also has equipment charge. Because when I switch to it to shoot down a sniper's nest, I want my specialist abilities to charge faster. Also use Team Link, so that my teammates have a better chance to spot enemies in their enlarged FOV while I'm shooting down the streaks that they fed the enemy.

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Little stuff like this matters. All of this is built into one class which I use briefly throughout my matches. Most times I don't switch to it at all because I have a launcher on some of my other classes, but when the Chopper or Nest is in the air, I switch to the UTILITY.

Point is… create versions of your favorite classes that counter you and your team's weaknesses during the match. It could be slightly different for everyone, so experiment and find that nice mix.

—-What specialists do you use? Are you just picking your favorites, or are you going for efficiency?


Specialists are a major part of this game (exception being Barebones), no doubt about it. So how are you utilizing them? Are you picking Ruin every time just because the gravity slam gives you kills you wouldn't get? Are you picking Torque every map to try to protect your camp-fortress?

Pick specialists based on the map and your playstyle. I cannot stress this enough. Ask yourself – is picking Torque on Masquerade or Madagascar the most efficient use of your specialist? Those are big maps with tons of routes and ways to avoid bottlenecks where the razorwire or barricade would be effective. Why use Torque? How about Spectre? Why use Spectre on maps that promote long-range combat, in which you are more likely to be killed at a distance?

Don't get me wrong, these specialists can be used on these maps and probably effectively by good players, but are they the BEST choices? Or is someone like Spectre better utilized on Frequency, where there can be a lot of close-quarter combat, sharp corners, and narrow hallways?

How about Firebreak? Is it not a good idea to use him on maps his reactor core can fry guys in camping spots? A map like Seaside provides that opportunity with the chapel tower and pool room on the other side.

How about Prophet? Less open spaces and more bottleneck areas help for his seeker mine and Tempest. A map like Arsenal can be good for specialists like Prophet and Firebreak who can devastate entire enemy teams from bottleneck doors/entrances.

I've used every specialist on the game extensively. I use about 70% of them regularly, but it's all based on the map we are playing on. I have classes that work well with specific specialists (Flak Jacket works great with Firebreak's reactor core) to maximize my output.

—-How are you selecting weapons?

This probably goes without saying, but why are you using a longer ranged weapon on maps that promote quicker, short combat and short ranged weapons on bigger maps? Don't tell me camos – I see TONS of dudes using gold snipers on frequency and going 6-19.

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Down to the very attachment, make sure you are using weapons that excel and align with the map choice and playstyle. Why are you using a silencer when you're just running down the middle of the map and engaging enemies head-on? You should only use a silencer if you're flanking, or often in situations where you're surrounded by the enemy team and not your teammates. Your silencer does nothing if you're butt-hugging your buddy who's spraying his spitfire at the sky non-stop.

Should you use a red-dot on all of your weapons? You tell me. If you can use an iron-sight fairly well on a weapon, why put a scope/dot on it? Use that point on something else that will help your class. I was killing this guy who was using a scope on the MX-9 and I'm just like… whyyy? Why not using a weapon better suited for medium-long range combat?


Apply logic and be prepared. There's dudes that dominate lobbies through raw gun skill – tip your hat. Nothing wrong with that. But I can't count how many times I've simply outsmarted them or was better prepared. I'd say my overall gunskill is slightly above-average (aim below average but my twitch/reflex is pretty strong), but I do maintain a 2.75 EKIA and 360 SPM (around 30 kills a game) on pretty aggressive play. Play smart, and you can steal some kills on guys who are better gun-guys.

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