CoD: Black Ops 4

League Play needs to be fixed pls

black ops 4 3 - League Play needs to be fixed pls

Ok, so a little background about me, I've played every call of duty religiously since WaW and the only reason i play so much is to prepare for league. In BO4 im prestige master level 200ish, so iv'e played the game extensively. I also have over 1000 hours in League of legends ranked(my highest was Gold I ), CSGO ranked(my highest was SMFC) and Overwatch ranked(my highest was Plat). So i have some experience and knowledge when it comes to league play and playing competitvely. BO4 league play is beyond broken and its just so frustrating trying to place 1st.

Things that are wrong imo:

  1. Almost every game I play is Control(which i don't hate it but its so annoying). & yes i understand its probably just my shit luck but i swear almost every game is Control.
  2. Every time were in pre-lobby and the game starts, i'm almost 8/10 times missing a teammate which is just the most frustrating thing ever and the people that leave don't even get penalized! And then i'm stuck playing a 4v5 with my friends, losing cause were a man down and then I lose points? ( & yes I know 4v5 are doable, i've won them before but its just so frustrating. In rocket league ranked, if someone leaves, you don't lose points and don't get any time penalty!!!! We need this in BO4.
  3. Also, once you find a lobby, your locked in, not allowed to leave and people have been resorting to just exiting out the game really quickly, not receiving any penalty and the people that don't quit are stuck in a losing fight.
  4. The ranking system isn't really ranking you against your appropriate skill level, I've been in games where its a fair fight, same type of skill level and its overall a fun game. but then i get the games where the enemy team is either really bad and its just not enjoyable to win like that and then i get the games where I'm literally playing against pro players!!. Like i don't consider myself the best ever but I'm pretty good but to get matched up against FaZe Zoomaa and Pacman_08 like come on man. I didn't lose terribly that game,(It was hardpoint 250-190) but still, its not fair.
  5. The ladder systems, its so unrewarding and just i don't understand it. My second event, i joined the ladder the day after it started and the guy in first place had over 12,000 points, like WTF. And then last night's event, I join the ladder 8 hours before it ends and first place guy is 1260 points, like how does that make any sense at all????

Overall, they need to match you better with people from your skill level, they need to make it possible that if a teammate of yours quits, you don't lost points or you lose half the points you normally would, and a feature that i would love and i think everyone would as well is allow us to choose!!!! Allow us to choose what map and game mode instead of having one pre-selected for us, its so dumb and letting us leave the lobby! Not forcing us to play whatever they choose because that's the main reason why people quit games. This was my first post on reddit and I just wanted to rant about League because its so frustrating and annoying. Also if anyone wants to play league on the ps4 just comment down below!

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