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I’m sure by now we all see posts on social media platforms stating how League Play or Ranked Play on Call of Duty has not been the same since Treyarch introduced it in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This year a lot of us were hopeful for a system that was not only fair, but also competitive and fun.

After waiting months after it’s release, I have completed a list of things that I like from League Play and things that need to change in order to keep the player base active. Again, this is my opinion on it. I’m sure there will be some that disagree, so please feel free to leave your solutions in the comments below.

Without further ado, here is the list of positive things from League Play:

  1. Skill Divisions:

While this system was added later on, it does seem to improve the matchmaking more than it impedes it (despite major issues with balancing teams, which I will speak about later on).

  1. The “Victory Flames” concept is really neat. Helps people see who’s actually actively winning their Ladders consistently.

  2. The implementation of the Call of Duty World League Ruleset upon release is great for competition.

  3. Title Cards earned from achieving specific ranks are a nice touch.

  4. Ranked Play Leaderboards (despite being only for people on your friend’s list).

Here are the issues that I believe need immediate attention in order to keep players playing and prevent unneeded frustration:

  1. Timing Out/Rage Quitting penalties need to be more intensely punitive. Far too many games are 4 versus 5 or 3 versus 5 at the start or half way through. This is by far the most infuriating part of League Play.


Ban players from playing League Play for certain increments of time if they are guilty of multiple offenses. I understand disconnects happen from time to time. So, adding a system that fairly penalizes those who consistently disconnect is a must needed improvement.

In addition, DO NOT penalize players who continue to play in unfairly balanced teams. No one who stays in a 4 versus 5 and 3 versus 5 should receive any point deductions or losses for playing out a match. It is simply rewarding the people who quit more than those actually trying to play by the rules and finish out games. Yes, one can say that you lose more points for leaving a match but in fact and actuality that player base does not care about their ladder ranks as much as their EKIA/D.

  1. Remove ALL Tactical Rifles from the CWL Ruleset.

Although some people believe that Gentlemen’s Agreements in Call of Duty esports are not a good thing for viewer retention and the player base, I do think that in this particular case it is warranted.

  1. Give more rewards for good placements. Perhaps rewarding players with a camo or some additional Black Market Tier skips would be a good start.

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