CoD: Black Ops 4

Let’s take a REAL look at this game

black ops 4 4 - Let’s take a REAL look at this game

So I’ve been on this sub for some time now, and have seen the dumpster fire it has become. So many dissatisfied customers, gamers, and fans who are up in arms over what was potentially “the black ops that will last”. I don’t play the game anymore, so I’ve been on the outside looking in for awhile, and what I see is, in my absolutely honest opinion, an atrocity.

From “events” that cost $20, melee weapons that cost even more, and weapons which break the core mechanics of a high TTK, it’s fair to say the life cycle of this game is just about done. Now I’d never call someone dumb without proper reason, but all the people with a sense of dignity and intelligence have packed up and left. No one wants a $60 AAA title with crosshairs in their emblems, or paywalls on weapons like a F2P. Not a damn soul asked for a sticker book, or the ability to color on your face. I’d like to believe the majority of you all are adults and expect some god damn content, for Christ’s sake.

This game in its entirety is flawed beyond repair, as the time it would take to fix the wrongs would likely extend past the release of MW. I’ve played cod since WaW, and now I play every FPS under the sun. I’ve just about all the old school CoDs installed, but not this pitiful excuse of a “video game”. When I turn in my Xbox, I don’t want to feel bad I can’t buy crates just to keep a competitive edge, or groan in agony at the mere sight of a dlc map. I can’t think of a soul on my friends list of over 45 people who would willingly play. Not one. It’s about time we wake up and look:


This game is a loss. 3arc has lost the respect and business of its major fan base, and undoubtedly soiled the name of Call of Duty for some others entirely. It’s a crying shame the developers, staff, and publishers had to allow their creation to be hated so fiercely. I’m not gonna give up on the franchise, but I will say with full confidence I will never purchase from this studio ever again. I don’t ask you do the same, or even agree with me, but tell me: what the hell do you see in this game that doesn’t reek of cooperate rot?

TL;DR: As someone who doesn’t play the game anymore and plays all FPSs, and someone who’s been looking at everyone’s facts and opinions for awhile now I have lost any and all hope for BO4. Why is it we still play/believe in this game? What in the world makes you think anything will get better/change after being this far gone?

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