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Little change to Pick 10 that would probably make the game better and more fun!

black ops 4 2 - Little change to Pick 10 that would probably make the game better and more fun!

Hey guys! I don't know about you, but often when I'm playing BO4 multiplayer, I realize how much I'm dying and getting stressed out by all the specialist abilities/weapons/equipments currently in the game. In general I'm ok about the Specialists being around, but this spam of 'things' sometimes is really frustrating.


So I was thinking about a change on the Pick 10 system that could at least make this a little bit better. Right now, you don't spend any Pick 10 points to bring with you the Special Issue(equipment) of your Specialist. However, you do spend a point to bring with you your Gear(like Stim Shot, Armor, Acoustic Sensor). My suggestion would be to make a change where the Special Issue would cost a point and the Gear would not.

In my opinion the Gear items are much more important to any class than the Special Issues, so it would make much more sense for us to not have to spend a point on it. At the same time, sometimes I want to play with a Specialist in a game mode where his/her Special Issue is not that useful. For example: Seraph. In TDM/KC I don't think that her Spawn Beacon is very useful, so I definitely would like to trade it for an extra perk/attachment. But I never found a game mode or a situation where I would like to trade my Stim Shot or Acoustic Sensor or Equippment Gear for an extra perk/attachment.



With this little change, I think we would see, at least, a little less Mesh Mines, Seeker Drones, Reactor Cores, Razor Wires and all those things that certainly already pissed you off at some matches. This would probably also help Treyarch fine tune those items, as they would have data of what's being used more or less, since people will have the option to trade theier point for other items.


I know that Treyarch wants us to play with the Specialists in the way they were meant to be played, but as I said, sometimes it's just a waste for that specific situation/game mode/playstyle and in general they feel a little bit spammie. Also, we already spend a point if we want to don't bring the Specialist Issue but bring a grenade or cuncussion, which makes the system feels weird and discourages some different classes. So this little change could be the first step to make the game even fun and more balanced.


TL;DR: make the point we spend on the Gear go to the Special Issue category, making the spam of equipements less frequent, giving players more flexibility on classes and helping Treyarch fine tune the Specialist items.


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