CoD: Black Ops 4

matchmaking.. why are you doing this treyarch? PLEASE ANSWER

black ops 4 1 - matchmaking.. why are you doing this treyarch? PLEASE ANSWER

and for anyone who reads this please upvote it, regardless of whether you agree with what i go on to say. it's obvious the majority of people hate matchmaking to some degree. i'm tired of complaining (and seeing others complain) and it only gets worse and worse. at least if this can float near the top, maybe we can get some kind of answer.

i just reset my stats the other day because i was tired of losing. i had dark matter, nuke calling card, about to hit master prestige. but my win/loss was down to like 1.55 and i was literally losing about 80+% of my matches for a month and counting. that 1.55 probably doesn't sound bad to most people, but i have a k/d around the upper 3's, borderline 4.00. i'm a solo kill confirmed player who just wants to win. i sell out all the time for tags and for my teammates. i expect to win 80% of my matches, not the other way around.

so i gave that up hoping for some matchmaking relief. instead i started with 1 win – 9 losses (currently 5-16) despite having a k/d over 4.00. they make it literally impossible to play most of the time.

so my question is; WHY? why are you doing this treyarch? why are you continually trying to "balance" teams when the result is clearly the opposite? why are you screwing solo players? the very people who generally stick with your games the longest amount of time. why are you continually punishing them? you know damn well sticking the 4-5 worst players in a lobby with the best player ISN'T balance.


i absolutely loved black ops 2 to death, but completely passed on black ops 3. why? because you admitted to "skill based matchmaking" in black ops 2. it was absolutely brutal and i wanted no part of it again. i decided to give you another chance for black ops 4.. and you somehow made it even worse.

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i can't handle always going like 10-3 with 8 tags in the first few minutes of a match only to look at the scoreboard and see my team down 11-23 already. multiple teammates with 0 tags (and sometimes with 0 kills.) enemy streaks already in the air. it's beyond disgusting how many matches i'll have to go against like 15 uav's, 13 counter uav's, 5 hellstorms and other streaks.. yet all my teammates can do is get a couple of uav's.

you've already lost me as a customer. i should have went with my gut and passed on black ops 4 just like i did with 3. but like i said, i want to know WHY you keep screwing solo players? why would you make the game so unbearable, so unplayable that you're basically forcing certain people to never purchase a game from you again? what's your angle? how do you figure screwing these people is benefiting others?

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