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Merits for playing well!

black ops 4 3 - Merits for playing well!

I resently had a post about how grindy and slow i think the merit system in Blackout is. I noticed some comments about how the merit system is designed to only reward good players and that it separates noobs from pro’s by only giving you merits for playing well.

While I agree that it is a potentially good system, to only reward you for playing well, and not bombard you with XP just for AFK’ing like in MP. I do think its stupid to only count the final shot and placement «well played».

Here are some things I think you should be rewarded merits for:

  • Revives(only if downed by an enemy and no friendly dmg has occurred to hinder exploits. Another idea can be a timer after you revied a player, and if the player you just revived gets a kill within 10sec, you’ll also get 100merits. This may also make the medic perk and a dedicated medic player more relevant)

  • Dmg (I really dont know how to calculate this to make it balanced, but an example can be 50merits per 125dmg to health. So that you get a little extra for a clean kill, and arent totally ripped off if you dont get the final shot. And even if the player doesnt die. If you do 375dmg to a player that heals up many times and escapes, youll get 150merits)

  • Extra 10 or so for Clean ups(and it needs to be given to all teammates who did dmg to the downed enemy, so that its not a competition to charge and finish off an enemy, everyone who worked on the kill gets a little something)

  • Extra 10 or so merits for kills without taking damage.

  • Extra for killing a whole squad (not for solo, but im sure we can come up with a replacement for solo mode, same with revives)

  • Extra for killing top player in game(Apex inspired)

  • Extra for double/multikills

  • Extra for killing enemies inside the circle while youre in the storm. (Anti gatekeeping. A sort of bonus for doing well in a sticky situation.

  • Extra for killing someone on land while under/in the water. (Same concept as anti gatekeeping. Doing well in a sticky situation)

  • Extra for killing while stunned/flashed/on fire/tagged/low health or anything that makes you an underdog

  • Merits for destroying a manned vehicle.

  • Bonus for carrying the team towards a higher placement reward (example: playing duos. Your teammate dies at placement 20, you survive to top 10, your teammate gets more merits for a higher placement, you get a little extra for being the reason)

  • A little something for escaping/surviving. (Example 5-10merits for almost dying and healing up to full health)

  • I also think that all of the above should stack with eachother. Example: youre low health, in the storm swimming, you get stunned and tagged by a drone, hipfire a vehicle in the circle with a helion, inside/on the vehicle is a squad with the top player. You hit and kill them all. Instead of 400merits for 4 kills, you have the potential to earn 600-1000merits for an insane play.

These the merit numbers are just examples. Even though its how i emagine it will look like, i dont know if this will be balanced

This will make the grind easier and the game more rewarding to play. You’ll feel that your time and effort will be more worthwhile.

Im also curious to if you guys agree with this list or if you have some other ideas to what we should be rewarded merits for.

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