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[MP RANT] This game only rewards participation, performance doesn’t matter. Even if you play alot, it’s still not worth it. This is why the game failed from the start.

black ops 4 7 - [MP RANT] This game only rewards participation, performance doesn't matter. Even if you play alot, it's still not worth it. This is why the game failed from the start.

Why? I'll try to keep it short

Rewards based on performance > participation rewards

In the past, you had to work hard and play good for nice rewards like good scorestreaks. Now all the specialists have abilities that everyone gets for just participating, while these abilities are based of scorestreaks in earlier games. Meanwhile, this game barely has good scorestreaks and there is a specialist that can destroy or even take over scorestreaks by just holding a button. In the past you needed 8 kills for a war machine, now you get one after 2 minutes, i can keep going…

– Low amount of decent scorestreaks and unbalanced score requirements

A uav costs about 6 kills, until a couple of weeks ago, it only lasted 15 seconds each time, making it useless. In the past this always lasted 30 and costed about 3-4 kills on average. Same goes for the counter uav. Another problem there is is that it's easier to take down to then in the past, with auto lock-on…

– No real counters against certain specialists

This one doesn't need an explanation, just look at ajax, doggo coming from around the corner… yeah there are some perks which i like to call crutch perks. Must haves that take up 1 out of your 10 slots just so you don't get killed by a broken mechanic.

– Weapon balance

The titan took months for a rebalance, and is still pretty good. giving passive players & campers an advantage. Agressive playstyles are always punished. Meanwhile some guns take 8 shots for a kill, and you still have a 1 shot knife with a 1 shot ability with unlimited ammo (ballistic knife). I recently saw one of the dlc guns in action, it's insane. It's very, very unbalanced.

– Tier progression based on playtime

No matter how good or bad you are, if someone plays just as much as you but has a kd of around 0.30 and you have about 3.70, he will still get everything just as fast. How is this fair? how does it feel good to play well? What's the point?


Low amount of content (maps, non-existent contracts, amount of guns/scorestreaks, leaderboards)

There is simply nothing to go for in this game. And the things that are in this game, are very, very minimal compared to other cod's. Litterly half the amount of bo2's guns, less maps, even less DLC maps (coming back to this later) and less than half of bo2's scorestreaks because they made specialists from them. In the meantime there are no contracts, there were no leaderboards for 6+ months, so what is the point of playing a lot (and good) exactly?

– Season pass & microtransactions

The microtransactions & the lack of content in the season pass are killers to. Especially now that – even after you've paid 110 euro's – you still can't get all the weapons, is simply frustrating. What is the point of continually playing for reserves? What kind of reward is it to give someone a sticker or some stupid dances/calling cards that litterly is worth NOTHING? You need about 20 hours of playingtime to get something decent, like a camo, mk2 or a weapon. And even then, the camo's, mk2 versions are still ONLY for 1 WEAPON, NOT ALL.

In short, there is no goal to aim for in this game thanks to the lack of leaderboards, lack of content, the stupid amount of participation awards and i can keep going on about this subject. Playing a lot doesn't reward much either, it's simply necessary, playing good however is not. And even if you play a lot, it's still frustrating, because 95% of the time you get nothing, litterly nothing. A sticker is nothing, nothing at all. And there are about 800 of them (excluding the 100s of dances and calling cards) when each reserve takes like 1 hour of playtime to get. On top of that, it's not even dupe protected. Thanks for fucking it up treyarch, never buying one of your cods ever again.

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