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MTX in this game has completely discouraged me from any interest in Modern Warfare or future CoD titles

black ops 4 1 - MTX in this game has completely discouraged me from any interest in Modern Warfare or future CoD titles

(List of everything that has officially killed my liking of CoD towards the bottom)

If this is what Activision is going to do to a cash cow like “Black Ops”, then what they’re gonna do with “Modern Warfare” can’t be much better. I pity the people who have made the probable mistake of pre-ordering the next game.

And I don’t want to hear that the studios have full control over their MTX systems and that treyarch is the worst for this reason. That would be a very stupid business model for Activision to adopt. They clearly push it the furthest with Black Ops titles because they are the best selling and highest populated, which means they can get away with more BS with lower risk. Modern Warfare is the most pre-ordered game from E3. It’s sales will be massive solely because of it’s name (Sounds familiar?). Also, Activision publishes these titles. The word “Publisher” literally means that they have full control over how these games make revenue. They write the paychecks to the studios. They decide how to make money.

Mark my words, they will gouge Modern Warfare with just as or possibly even more egregious MTX systems then those in BO4. And just like the last two Black Ops games, that won’t be prevalent at launch, they’ll roll it in a few months post launch. This way, you can decide you like the game before they start stabbing you in the back. The last two black ops titles did it just like this. Also, I think this “with the times” post launch support plan for MW is just a ruse to make consumers think that the game won’t be as offensively intense with MTX as bo4. I don’t know if there are public numbers to back this up but I would bet that income from MTX likely dwarfs that which comes from DLC/season passes. Therefore, this “free post-launch content” is more just a selling point to line up future possible MTX buyers and to keep people coming back, which of course will lead to more opportunity for profit from MTX


The worst part is that MTX in BO4 is so bad that even if my prediction in Modern Warfare is totally wrong, I still have no interest in playing it. This is a shame because like bo3 and 4, it will probably be a fundamentally great game. Activision has lied to and gouged us so hard with black ops that I have been discouraged from buying their product ever again. They clearly have no interest in making a product for the customer, so I see no reason to spend my hard earned money on it.

This has become increasingly clear to me with just about every content update in BO4:

-Reserves only having 1, non dupe protected item

-A 20 dollar hammer

-An increasing number of stickers and other items that the community has made clear they don’t want in the contraband streams

-Less and less free content every operation

-Blackjack’s shop having 30 plus price tags in it at any given time

-Blackjack’s shop not telling you if an item they’re offering in the “daily offer” is something you’ve ALREADY UNLOCKED in reserves and can still be purchased even though you have ALREADY UNLOCKED IT.

-Weapons in reserves (being about the most negatively received addition to black ops3)

-Them “throwing us a bone” with a weapon bribe that turns out can drop MKII variants

-A reserve loot pool that is constantly being filled with filler like trinkets and stickers, making the already extremely low drop-rate weapons even harder to get, on top of the fact that you can receive the same item 3 times before you get a reroll.

This is what killed call of duty for me. Unless this absolute bullshit changes real quick (which i’m very doubtful of), then this company has lost a VERY longtime customer forever. And I hope for the sake of every true cod fan that i’m not by any stretch the only one who feels this way. I’m speaking with my wallet starting today. And I hope anyone who reads this will join me.

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