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Multiplayer is super fun, but the perks need a bit more love IMO. Here are some ideas.

black ops 4 7 - Multiplayer is super fun, but the perks need a bit more love IMO. Here are some ideas.

Hey guys, I'm Blame Truth. As a full-time Twitch streamer, I've been playing COD for years pretty religiously (since COD4) and have been loving Black Ops 4 in particular. The COD community on Reddit here can be a little less than pleasant to deal with sometimes with people spouting their opinions as the gospel and being kind of… anal about what they want to see changed, I guess. I get it, I've been there, but I think the best way to get our ideas heard by Treyarch is to be polite and not so demanding.

So I wanted to make a more positive post because I love this game in its current state but think it could be even better and wanted to get your guy's take on some things regarding the perks/create-a-class. Treyarch are great at using statistics to balance the game but there are some things regarding the perks specifically that I think can't be as easily tuned with statistics alone and I want to bring them up.

-Flak Jacket: I believe Flak Jacket should protect you from the Nomad's double mines if you are above 100 health, thus leaving you with <50 health instead of killing you outright. Even with the Engineer perk the mines can be a bit hard to see through walls. In its current form I feel Tac Mask is superior to Flak Jacket as it counters more Specialist abilities than Flak Jacket does, and since there are fewer grenades overall in this game I feel Flak Jacket is a little left out in the cold. I believe Flak should completely counter the RC-XD as well, as… in its current form unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't. It just feels like a bit of a waste of a perk slot in this game and could probably use a buff to its explosive resistance across the board.

-Tac Mask: I think Tac Mask should counter the 9 bang a little better, and you should only be flashed and stunned for about a second. Instead of nerfing the 9 bang, I'd say just having Tac Mask be a more direct counter to it would be fine.

-Cold Blooded: I don't think CB is working as intended as I show up as a red square on scorestreak targeting systems (unless this is a killcam bug) and get killed pretty quickly by AI controlled stuff too. I think the AI delay on targeting you should be doubled from its current state and player controlled streaks shouldn't be able to to see you as a red dot at all (unless this IS the intended purpose and it's just a little buggy.) The description of the perk is a bit misleading as well, as it says "Increased resistance to enmy Ability, Equipment and Scorestreak targeting systems" which sort of makes it sound like you are able to counter the Recon's Sensor Dart/Vision Pulse, the Acoustic Sensor, among other things. As far as I know, you don't, so the wording is just a bit confusing. The description doesn't mention the thermal optic or Threat Detector optic but I'm assuming it considers those enemy equipment targeting systems. The perk description is just a little vague and should be clarified a bit better IMO. I think Cold Blooded should nearly (but not completely) counter Tracker's footprint ability much like Hard Wired did in Black Ops 3 as well.


-Ghost: The perk description is misleading and is also missing some things. In Black Ops 4 you have to be sprinting at all times to make use of Ghost's ability to stay off of UAV, whereas in the old games you just have to be moving; I think the older variant of Ghost is more suited to this game's speed personally, as it's honestly easier to deal with UAVs by investing a single point in a Launcher and taking the UAV down for your whole team, making this form of Ghost kind of obsolete. A loading screen tip actually informed me that Ghost makes Recon's Vision Pulse target you for a much briefer period of time… which is cool, but why isn't that in the perk's description? It only mentions stuff about UAVs. Does it counter the Sensor Dart a bit too? Much like Cold Blooded, the description is a bit misleading and doesn't tell you all the perk seems to do.

-Tracker: Stealth being too powerful can be bad for COD games as we've seen in the past, but it's almost impossible to stay off the radar in Black Ops 4 at the same time due to Team Link's powerful buff to the Fog of War radius. Tracker notifies you when you're in an enemy's Fog of War, but the problem is that doesn't really do anything and in my time using the perk I realized I was spotted in Fog of War constantly. I think instead of notifying you that you're in it it should just flat out counter it. This divides Ghost, Dead Silence and Tracker's off the radar/flanking abilities so if you do want to stay off the radar and flank, you'd have to run Perk 3 Gluttony as the sacrifice, which I think is fair.

And finally, I think the Equipment tier should NOT take a point slot in Create-A-Class and you should be able to switch for free. This is the most requested thing I've seen on this subreddit since the beta and I agree. If it hurts the feel or flow of the game Treyarch can always change it back, but as of right now I've seen a Molotov/Combat Axe being used once in 60 hours of multiplayer playtime, and that's all from the entire tier. Again, if this change proves to do more harm than good Treyarch could always change it back or nerf individual pieces of equipment that prove to be problematic.

Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading!


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