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My full opinion of bo4

black ops 4 7 - My full opinion of bo4


Zombies is always good thing, while people a that bo4 zombies is bad, but realistically it just doesnt match up to bo2. Im sure we would be worse off without it. I dont like the perk system though, it works well on IX because the different towers are very simple to find and having a ton of machines scattered everywhere wouldn't of been good, however with all of the other maps it would have been a good idea. Overall I think its good being able to choose how easy to get to and what perks you have there, but preset machines were better.

I dont really like the maps, personally I love Alpha Omega because of how simple it is and how good it is for a casual game. I think blood of the dead was a good map, its only problem was replacing afterlife with the spectral sheild because it breaks very easily and takes to long to charge. Tag der toten is an interesting one, while I am slightly biased because of the victis crew which were the main characters of the first game I ever played, I do think it is complicated and is annoying that you cant get tonic on custom mutations. I didn't like ancient evil at all, its too cryptic, boring and hard to navigate (especially with pegasus). Classified being a remake along with the other 32.5% of the maps doesnt make it as good but five was definitely great and they only changed a couple things about it, really I would be talking about five. Dead of the night, while having good characters it is a maze of a map and is too large in my opinion. I didn't like voyage of despair, it is hard to navigate, hard to survive and hard to get pack-a-punch, its more annoying than anything. IX is a great casual map, it is very simple and you can get pack a punched guns very easily by challenges or the machine.

The chaos story is to serious in my opinion, none of the characters have humour or any defining features… Really. I just dont like it.


Custom mutations made bo4 zombies amazing in my opinion, I've always found zombies after BO1 to be more challenge and puzzle then actually just being, well… Zombies. So having something like that so I can choose to have a chill easy game where I cant die and everything is done for me or an extremely hard game where I'm 1 shot and there is only super sprinters and no box or pack a punch. I think it makes zombies so much more replayable and I really hope for more of these in the next black ops, its a shame you cant do Easter eggs with it though.


From a person who really only plays zombies and team deathmatch there is not going to be a lot here.

There are 6 things in bo4 that make me HATE multiplayer:

Old spammy, non-reloading, overused, overpowered, all 12 players except from me are using it, non-recoil, sniper smg: the VMP

I like to shoot people 0.10398 seconds after they spawn, too-accurate: Snipers nest

Invincibility cheat on: Dog

And the I have to spend 26 days straight grinding just to get one: pick a weapon bribes

All of the special weapons (especially the riot shield). I dont mind the hacking one though, thats not that bad.

And drum roll please the worst thing in multiplayer: THE PLAYERS, I have lost 20-100 so many times because I get put in a team with people who are lvl 1000 but get 1 kill a game and I'm there with 6 enemies all mowing me down with one certain overpowered smg.


While battle Royale games are one of my least favorite I really like the map and the amount of different things you can do on it, you can even visit diner or buried. Blackout however is very hard for beginners because of all of the tanks and everything but is a nice challenge from time to time.

And thats it thanks for reading let me know if you agree with me or what you disagree with. Have a good day. 😀

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