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My list of Black Ops 4’s biggest issues.

black ops 4 6 - My list of Black Ops 4's biggest issues.

Before I want to start out, I want to mention that that list is mainly multiplayer specific. I am aware that zombies and blackout have their own seperate issues, but I have currently stuck more time into the MP, thus here is my list of the biggest issues that both the community and I have seen. IMO these are the issues that make the game frustrating, even tho it's a ton of fun to play.

I'm definitely not the best player. I miss shots, can't control recoil patterns well and don't always get the highest streaks. But I have achieved Dark Matter, am almost master prestige and hit the top of the lobby's leaderboards around 80% of the time. This is what frustrates me the most during my playtime:


1. Hit-registration

"Oh boy, another person complaining about the hit-reg. git gud learn to aim".


Well let me stop you right there. As mentioned above, I do not have the best aim and I am currently working on finding my perfect sensitivity and working on my centering, however, I can't deny on the fact that I died many times because of my shots not registering. My ping has mainly been around 30 in each game I play, both good and bad hit-reg.


It is true that some locations (not all, unfortunately) have 60Hz tickrate at the moment. I believe the Netherlands is one of them. In one previously-pinned thread by someone talking about these changes mentioned on how some locations like Belgium had 60Hz. When I played that day, I also noticed a tremendous difference on my side, however, there are still a lot of server-sided issues that makes the hit-reg very wonky. Some see the tick-rate difference as placebo, however I can tell you that it 100% is not a placebo effect. I guess the servers on itself do not have the proper quality to give this game the experience we need or expect. I cannot judge tho, because I have 0 knowledge if it comes to that, but there is definitely something not right if it comes to the way the servers are handled/setup. There really needs to be an upgrade to them in order to make the experience more smoother.


Charlie intel has posted some statistics about BO4's success. On the bottom of the page you can see that Activision makes billions (old news) from in-game content. It kinda baffles me how that money does not seem to be spend on better servers. If this game wants more longtivity on this multiplayer-only game, it really needs a step up if it comes to things like this. Hit-reg issues are also present in Blackout.

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2. Current state of the/some specialists

Opinions differ a lot if it comes specialists. You like 'em or hate 'em. We can all agree on 1 thing: There seems to be a balancing issue when it comes to some specialists.


1 hot topic in the community is the 9-bang which Ajax possesses. A lot of people were suprised when only his shield got nerfed when the big balancing patch got around. Ajax's 9-bang is definitely too strong in it's current form and extremely infuriating. Not only can he get it around 3 or so times in a game, but it is also incredibly effective:

  • The distortion takes quite some time to go away
  • The hand hovering above your face limits what you can do (heal, reload, aim)
  • You are unable to crouch or go prone when it has 2 or more charges I believe.
  • As mentioned before, he gets it quite frequently.

One of the worst case scenario's is that Tactical mask DOES NOT help much against this. I have played with Tactical mask quite alot, just to change my class up a bit, and was shocked on how inaffective it was most of the times. I will touch up on this a bit later.


When it comes to other specialists, that differs a lot per person. Some find Nomad's dog still infuriating, while other find Torque very annoying. Ajax so far is in my eyes the only specialist that needs a touch-up.


On another note: Some specialist abilities seem a bit too strong for their taste. Gravity-slam for example. I have a few occassions I could get gravity-slammed from a floor ABOVE me. Just 2 matches ago in firing-range I was chasing a guy. In that wooden-house-thing (no idea how to call it) he was upstairs and I was downstairs still quite far away from him. His gravity slam managed to kill me. Something that should be touched up for sure.


One of the most voted-behind suggestions is a 'Bare-bones' Playlist: No specialists. Auto-heal, and I believe some also mentioned that they would like to see the health dropped down to 125 or 100 in that playlist.



3. Weapon and perk balancing

This really differs per platform at the moment (Console – PC that is), but some weapons definitely could get their stats pushed up a bit. SMGs are still not that great on console. They are very lackluster and being outgunned by ARs on close ranges is getting frustrating.


Biggest shock-horror for me is the fact on how useless some perks have become. XclusiveAce and a few other youtubers have made a video regarding a few perks. I have also done a few tests myself just for fun, while I was switching up my classes. Ghost, Dexterity, Lightweight and Cold-blooded are the perks I deem "useless" in a certain way, with Ghost and Cold-blooded being the worst picks in my eyes.


Opinions might differ here, but I noticed a big portion of the community think these perks are nerfed a bit too hard:

  • Ghost only works while sprinting, any other action interrupts your camouflage on the radar. If you would climb, swim, strafe, walk or just anything that stops your sprint while an UAV pulse sweeps over the map, you will end up being on the mini-map.

  • Cold-blooded barely protects you from streaks. Sure, it delays the lock-on, but it still is not worth a perk slot.

  • Light weight is barely noticable. I see a lot of "pro youtubers/players" running Lightweight in there setup. When I played with it themself, I noticed barely any difference if it comes to running speed. ARs are definitely not noticable. SMGs maybe a little bit, but still lackluster. I cannot comment on LMGs, snipers and pistols, but results might be the same. Kinda dissapointing.

  • After watching XclusiveAce's video on Dexterity I must say that the perk is either bugged or not giving the bonusses as advertised in the menu. It also seems like the perk works only a few guns, like some guns benefit better than others. Some don't seem to get any bonus at all. Kinda strange.

Read:  Stock should be available on all ARs. I think stock should be more effective on weapons that are meant to be more offensive, and less effective on the 'defensive' rifles. Not being able to strafe at all during a gunfight puts you at a massive disadvantage and is really less fun as well.



4. Spawns

I won't be going into much detail, as Treyarch somewhat already acknowledges this issue.


Spawns are not great in this game. Spawntrapping is easier than before, especially on certain maps. For some reason the spawn-flip mechanic seems not to work properly either in most game-modes. You can touch the back-wall of some spawns in certain maps/modes and they spawn right infront of you or next of you. You know the story.



5. Black market progression.

Had to mention it: The progress is still way too slow. You could say that "Not everyone deserves to be tier 200 if you do not have the time to spend on the game", which is true in some sense, but even for the hardcore players the progression is incredibly dragging. I have been playing a ton since release, especially when the Tier-progression system dropped. If you would exclude my tier purchases (currently tier 76) I would originally be around tier 60-65. Which Is incredibly low in my eyes. I believe it started on 52 days when it got released. We are now 20 days further and for many the progression have been very iffy. I am happy we will get 2x Blackmarket XP this weekend, but I wouldn't be suprised if people would say that it feels a LOT better with that amount of progression. Not only that, Zombies is being left out of the equation.

Please look into it.



6. Progression loss and certain challenges not progressing as they should.

Biggest issue that quite many people had was the progression loss of camo's out of nowhere. People would be playing and shutting down the game normally like you are supposed to (Waiting for the match to be over, getting back into the main menu, then shut down the game) but people still come back to losing many many challenges. Someone could've gotten their gun gold/diamond, suddenly, they are back at 10 headshots.


Another issue is with the tracking of the calling card challenges. The tactical mask challenge is one of them. They are not properly counted. Another challenge which I unfortunately forgot the name of, resets after being completed.

Bugs like these are a little game breaking.


Treyarch, I really love the game. How it handles, the smoothness in certain aspects. It's the most fun CoD I have ever had. But issues like this will drive people away slowly. I hope any of you read this post and will bring the changes many of us want. Thank you and have a nice day.


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