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My post which seemed to resonate with the community, and provided honest feedback, was censored

black ops 4 4 - My post which seemed to resonate with the community, and provided honest feedback, was censored

Good morning.

I'm writing today to inform the community, especially those of you who sent me DMs asking, what happened and why my post was removed.

Originally posted as a reply to a comment on the "Vonerhaar gets real with the community on Twitter" thread, I reposted under a new title for higher visibility:

the community gets real with Vonderhaar on reddit

The thread started taking off, and inspired a lot of constructive conversation (despite the normal amount of trolling and ranting). It was up for ~10 hours, and was trending right behind the original post on the front page. At just under a thousand upvotes, and late on Friday night, it simply vanished. I was in disbelief, as I (and other commentors pointed out) didn't break any rules of the site with my post.

I received a number of DMs that night and the next day asking what happened. I inquired the same through a mod who, despite not seeing eye to eye with my post, offered some constructive feedback and opened a dialogue which i believe further revealed the position we are in as customers in this franchise. That mod,
RdJokr1993 - My post which seemed to resonate with the community, and provided honest feedback, was censored

/u/RdJokr1993, clearly saw value in the post, and did not see it as just another vitriolic rant despite not agreeing with everything I had to say.

After inquiring about what had happened on Saturday and Sunday, I was referred to
/u/LackingAGoodName as the mod who censored my post. I say censored, which I know is a strong word, because I was not only given zero reasons as to why my post was removed, but this mod appears to have left the reservation and is not responding to my or other mods' inquiries.

I don't think I have much recourse as a member of this community nor as a tenured customer of the COD franchise, which is frustrating. The only thing I think I have left is this post, which I hope doesn't also get removed.

I want to pose a simple question to the mods and community management teams who would censor honest feedback:


How can you complain about all of the vitriol, spam, and garbage you have to get through to find constructive feedback to take back to the developers? You had it handed to you on the front page, and removed it.

I'd like to see Treyarch and every other triple A publisher get over the dramatic speed bumps they are experiencing under new delivery models. We didn't ask for them as customers, and your inability to effectively mirror other successful continuous delivery teams is not something that should burden the customer.

I implore you to either revisit how you aggregate information from players, or figure out a way to do so without painting the players as the problem.

One thing I would be remiss without pointing out: David Vonderhaar is just one person. He's the person who happens to be a major public image within the community, but he is also THE public face of his team at Treyarch. Whether he signed up for that or not is irrelevant, but both sides need to realize that frustration with Vonderhaar is frustration with Treyarch. That of course doesn't condone things like sending him death threats, which is fucking deplorable. But it does mean that he should not always feel personally attacked by criticisms and misinformed feedback.

My major point of the original comment seems like a good place to end this:

I wish we could all stop the trolls and kiddies from clouding the true issues with your game, but we're going to rely on you to filter out that noise going forward. If we're capable of it (in terms of playing and paying despite our substantiated concerns), so are you.

Thank you all for your support and keeping a cool head while trying to get the game we love(d) improved. I am open to suggestions on how to unify and deliver this messaging not only across this community but across all titles that are bastardized this way.

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