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New Weapons On Black Market Tiers; Analysis and Comparison

black ops 4 5 - New Weapons On Black Market Tiers; Analysis and Comparison

This is just a friendly reminder for anyone who is getting excited by the hype. To quote from Treyarch…

New Earnable Weapons: We’re introducing our first batch of new earnable weapons in the Operation Contraband stream to deploy in your Multiplayer loadouts, including the Daemon 3XB SMG, SWAT RFT assault rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon.

This means that somewhere between tier 2 and 100, there will be two new weapons that provide a different game play experience. Provided they don't adjust the times it takes to earn tiers, you could expect to get the first 100 tiers (unknown where the guns are at) in…

  • 50 days with 1 hour a day average, 50 hours total
  • 30 days with 2 hours and 20 minutes a day average, 70 hours total
  • 14 days with 6 hours and 8 minutes a day average, 86 hours total
  • 7 days with 13 hours and 17 minutes a day average, 93 hours total

Or you just buy them on day one with money.

Is that better than what some of us expected? Honestly, yeah. So why shouldn't we all be happy? Because it is still an incredibly anti-consumer approach. Just because it's better than the absolute worst thing we expected does not make it a good thing.

For a comparison, to those who have a short memory or who simply didn't know, here is a quote from wiki.


Darth Vader remained inaccessible for play, and the use of this character required a large amount of in-game credits. Players estimated that it would take 40 hours of gameplay to accumulate enough credits to unlock a single hero.

That is a quote about Star Wars: Battlefront II. That describes the atrocious system put in place by EA, and the set up for that controversy that led to the most downvoted comment in reddit's history, a global impact in how video game microtransactions were viewed, and some governments trying to or passing legislation again some of the more predatory practices (loot boxes, despite it not being the whole issue).

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Meanwhile, here we are, looking at potentially 40 hours or more, the same approximate amount of time required to unlock a character in BF2, to unlock the weapons in the Black Market tier system. Meanwhile, people who pay money on day 1 will immediately gain access to content that impacts game play.

Just think about what we're really getting, and how deep in the tiers the weapons are. Is it worth being excited over? Or should we collectively be upset that they went down this path?

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