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No, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are not “As bad as Treyarch”. Nobody is stupid or falling for anything for buying Black Ops 4.

black ops 4 5 - No, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are not "As bad as Treyarch". Nobody is stupid or falling for anything for buying Black Ops 4.

This bizarre and completely nonsensical defense of Treyarch has started cropping up all around the subreddit and I am beyond sick of it, and I'm sure many people who know what they're talking about do as well. Any time someone talks about how fucked the MTX system is in Black Ops 4, some white knight chimes in with "You're an idiot for falling for Activision and buying yet another money hogging COD game".

This is completely untrue and has no basis in reality. Let's take a look at the last few COD games.

Call of Duty: WWII – An extremely generous system where all dupes grant Armory Credits, which can be used to purchase DLC weapons, cosmetics, etc. in collections. A fully fleshed out daily/weekly challenge system with, again, generous rewards, and a contract system that can be used with Armory Credits, that are even more generous. Even a casual WWII player could get all DLC items, a massive amount of cosmetics, and weapon camos very easily with no money. By prestige 4 I had every gun in the game, and if you played from launch you could expect every new gun to be available to you on the day of release.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Another fair system, almost exactly like WWII's. You save up in game Depot Credits just by playing, and get crates with these. These crates have decent chances at high tier loot, and give you Armory Credits for dupes. You can unlock DLC weapons and high-tier cosmetics just by playing. Again, a casual player will be able to get DLC weapons and cosmetics easily.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – This system is incredibly fair towards everyone. Season Pass owners get instant access to all DLC weapons, and everyone else has to finish challenges for them, no money involved whatsoever. You can buy weapon variants that slightly affect how a gun works with an in-game currency system that's earned by dupes and just as daily login rewards. The game is extremely fair and balanced, and playing the game for maybe 1 or 2 sessions is enough to get all the DLC guns, and just casually playing earns you enough dupes to buy whatever weapon variants you want.


Obviously, everyone knows how awful Black Ops 3's was, but before that, we had Advanced Warfare, which was again, pretty fair. It dumped Supply Drops into your lap at every opportunity and weapon variants, while powerful, were easy to grind out eventually. Most people got the variants they wanted – It was flawed, but it's an old game, and a first try at this system, along with Sledgehammer's first game in the series.

Every COD game for the last 2 years has been fair. 2 perfectly fair, perfectly generous system have been created over the most recent COD games. Nobody is stupid or falling for Activision's greed for buying Black Ops 4. Treyarch lied, they lied through their teeth numerous times, and led people to believe the system would be fair, like WWII or Infinite Warfare. There was no reason whatsoever to believe otherwise, because nobody expected Treyarch to so brazenly lie in the face of everyone leading up to the launch of BO4.

This line of defense is completely asinine and is pretty obviously a last ditch attempt by Treyarch fanboys who know they can't defend the horse shit Treyarch are handing us now, and need to resort to this stuff to maintain it. Stop it. Get some help.

TL;DR WWII, MWR, and Infinite Warfare were all incredibly fair, and had separate systems that were very generous towards players and made DLC content/cosmetics easy to access for even casual players. Treyarch showed off the Contraband stream before launch, and repeatedly, brazenly lied to us about what they were going to do. Nobody was stupid or fell for anything for expecting BO4's system to be fair. The developers lied through their teeth and deceived customers, and nobody is at fault for it but Treyarch.

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