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No time limit on operation

black ops 4 2 - No time limit on operation

We all know at this point that this is the last operation for the game. But why? Why is it based off superheros? Why no time limit? What happenes to the gane moving forward? I think I have the ansers for those questions. I'm not 100% sure if my predictions are correct but looking at the game I might have some ansers.

First of all, why is it based off superheros. Here's my anser: they're running out of ideas. It's not like the superhero thing is carrying on to the next Treyarch COD, based off a operation, hell no. It's just they're running out of ideas. Im pretty sure (about 92% sure) they just took a glance at fortnite and what there game could've been if the original idea for BO4 wasn't scraped because everyone who play tested it though it was clunky and terrible, and just though of ideas off the top of their head.

Why does the operation have to time limit? Because it's the last operation of the game and Treyarch can't really keep promises to he community. They said BO4 will be updated for a long time, but already ending the last operation, ending zombies, and everything else NOT even 1 year in. We will probably see little operations like we saw before, with just reserve cases and a ultra weapon bribe at the end, or maybe see NEW ones, where it is COMPLETELY unlikely. Treyarch is under the clock right now taking sledgehammer's spot this year and TRYING to pump out the game as soon as possible. So we'll more than likely just see the little events for the season, with reserve cases and a ultra weapon bribe at the end.


What happens to the game moving forward? Practicality nothing. Just Shop updates, and a little timed event here and there, but other than that, absolutely nothing. This is the end of the road. The only thing you can do now is complete the operation, play a little zombies if you have the Season Pass, and get the DLC weapons and all the reserve cases, maybe complete challenges, get camos, maybe get the skins, and when you do that, guess what? NOTHING! Just a giant middle finger from Activision, and Treyarch who is Activision's bitch right now, just strings attatched to the puppet and Acitivsions controlling it, rolling in TONS of money for the puppet master. It's like Infinity Ward is the youngest child, getting everything, sledgehammer is the middle one, kinda getting some love here and there, and Treyarch is the oldest, getting no love, nothing. Seriously, Acitivision needs to change their ways.

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