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Nobody is entitled or throwing a tantrum because of the backlash against Treyarch for the extreme greed.

black ops 4 6 - Nobody is entitled or throwing a tantrum because of the backlash against Treyarch for the extreme greed.

There is a weird faction of people on this subreddit pretending that somehow Treyarch is doing a great job and that nothing is wrong. This is absolutely absurd and makes no sense. I don't know why I have to make this post but apparently I do.

  1. This game is more money hogging than any other COD game for items that were free in pretty much every other COD game.

You can't argue against this. Content from previous games, like getting model changing cosmetics that aren't recolors, are either given out for free through challenges or are easily unlocked in supply drops. Every COD with drops has done this, even Ghosts had it for free.

Black Ops 4 has taken challenges, contracts, community challenges, and model changing cosmetics, and put them behind a paywall. This is completely unprecedented. This isn't in any other COD game. In WW2, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Advanced Warfare there were sets of free challenges and easy ways to unlock cosmetics. BO4 does not have this. There are very few unlockable cosmetics present in the tier system, compared to these other games. Not to mention, if you don't play the specialist with those items, it's like you didn't get anything. Nothing of note has been released for numerous specialists.

BO4 is the most expensive COD to unlock everything in, bar none. Both in cosmetics and guns, if you have a life and missed out on them during the season they were in the tier system.

To sum this point up, we are getting free content through just putting hours into the game. Yes, this is free, but it requires an absurd amount of time and you are permanently unable to get it if you aren't completely devoted to the game throughout the entire lifecycle, whereas every other COD game in years has not.

Nobody is whining and nobody is entitled for having issues with this.**

  1. High level loot, weapons, etc. are extremely difficult to get out of crates. The greediest drop rates/drops in all of COD are present in BO4.

Every other COD game has drops where you can pretty easily get high level items – In WW2 I had every DLC weapon in the game consistently as they came out. In IW I got all DLC weapons day 1 on release without the season pass. In BO3, which was also greedy, I was able to pretty consistently get DLC weapons through opening a ton of supply drops and getting bribes.

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WW2 and BO3 also had in-game currency where dupes and unlocking higher tier drops could go to directly purchasing items, again, for free.


BO4 doesn't have any of this. There is no system where you can unlock supply drop locked items without opening insane amounts of supply drops, if you didn't put an exorbitant amount of hours into each operation, or don't pay for them. I missed First Strike due to life circumstances, and I still haven't gotten any of those weapons or the KAP 45 despite opening up over 300 supply drops. I have gotten literally 1 rare skin for Torque, a specialist I Don't play. No Blackout items. Nothing. Just stickers and emblems I don't and won't use.

To summarize this point, BO4 has overwhelmingly the highest amount of filler, useless stuff that nobody uses, etc. intentionally, to dilute the loot pool and try to squeeze more money out of the playerbase. These are not just cosmetic items or "Things to play dress up with", these include weapons that you didn't spend absurd amount of time to get, due to having commitment to anything other than playing BO4 10 hours a day every day.

Nobody is entitled and nobody is a crybaby for having problems with this. Treyarch is knowingly making the game as expensive as possible to get money out of people for things that were free in every other COD game

  1. Multiplayer has the lowest base content of any COD in over a decade, and has the lowest amount of DLC content of any COD in 6 years.

This is an objective fact. Multiplayer in BO4 has a very small amount of base weapons, in fact, the smallest since before Call of Duty 4. This game has received the lowest amount of new maps since at least Modern Warfare 2. This game has gotten the smallest amount of DLC weapons since Call of Duty Ghosts. People have a problem with the total lack of attention or proper DLC coverage that's present in MP, along with how incredibly expensive it is to get the small amount of things.

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Yes, there is Blackout, there is Zombies. But Multiplayer is the main thing that keeps the series popular and keeps it fresh. Multiplayer should be the main concern of every COD game and it clearly, statistically, isn't. Blackout has gotten far more.

The Black Ops pass is expensive, 50$ on top of the 60$ base game, and gives less than any other pass in recent memory, and on top of that there are extremely expensive, moreso than ever before, microtransactions that have taken lots of content from previous COD games, that were free, and put them behind increasingly expensive paywalls.

Nobody is entitled for pointing this out and being pissed off about it. Nobody is a crybaby for it. Nobody is "Throwing a tantrum over playing dress up". People are seeing how predatory the microtransactions are, how content that was previously free is now extremely expensive, and how expensive the entire game is to unlock everything, moreso than any other COD Game.

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