CoD: Black Ops 4

Now Available in Blackout: Uganda Knuckles

black ops 4 2 - Now Available in Blackout: Uganda Knuckles

Has anyone else noticed how similar the space monkey character in Blackout looks to Uganda Knuckles?

Uganda Knuckles in Blackout

Notice the similarity in height, bone structure, and pupil direction.

Uganda Knuckles in Blackout

The reason I ask is because I really think there's clearly a very evident similarity between Space Ape and Uganda Knuckles. Perhaps so much similarity that they could be considered… identical.

If you encounter ANY space monkeys in Blackout: remember this.

Be prepared to answer the question: "Do You Kno De Wae?"

The correct answer is: "I do not kno de wae."

They love to travel in groups of TWO to FOUR in the Blackout countryside. They will ask you if "You Kno De Wae" and if you do not answer they will just start Clicking at you and mobbing you with their fists.

The best thing to do when you see one is: RUN TF AWAY ASAP

Seriously these guys will ruin anyone's day with their Super Uganda Accuracy and Extreme Uganda Conditioning.

Not to mention their Ugandan Cave Grappling Technique which allows them to Grapple faster than just about anyone, even old Stuhlinger.

That about sums it up.

Oh! and one more thing,

All players playing as Misty are immune to attacks by Uganda Knuckles (UG)


because all Uganda Knuckles / Space Monkeys (UG) instantly recognize Misty as "The Queen" whom they are sworn to protect. When a Misty encounters a group of UG, the UG will all turn and say "We Have found de queen! The Queen will sho us de wae!" At which point all UG in the area flock to the spot and begin making Clicking noises and repeating "All hail de Qween!" "We have found de qween!" "We must Protect de qween!""She will sho us de wae.""I have found de Qween, she is as beautiful as they say.""She knoes de wae."

This behaviour is attributed to the UG's apparent differences from typical Knuckles Echindnas.

The UG Knuckles seems to have an inexplicable ability to only behave in this fashion -which makes it terrifyingly efficient at killing in Blackout Battle Royale. Their single-minded desire to "Protect de Qween!" makes them indomitable warriors who seek the enemy as a Cheetah hunts an Antelope.

Swift, always communicating with a series of "Do you kno de wae?"

and "Idk de wae." Followed by:

"De Qween will sho us de wae!"

The UGs descend upon their opponents with single-minded fury: Striving to delete all opponents who would dare to attack "De Qween."

Typical Map Distribution of UGs in Blackout:

UG like to gather at Nuketown for some unknown reason.

This is a typical drop line for the UG in a Blackout Game

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