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Oct. 23 Update: Black Market Progression, Network Performance, Mercenary Playlist

black ops 4 3 - Oct. 23 Update: Black Market Progression, Network Performance, Mercenary Playlist

Lots of news to cover today! First: with last week’s launch of the Black Market for PS4 players, the earn rate for unlocking Black Market Tiers did not perform as we intended. We’ve implemented a change that addresses some issues and rebalances the system across all modes, and as with everything, this will be an ongoing process to dial it into exactly where it needs to be. As of today, players will now earn Tier progression both faster and more consistently across all modes of play in Blackout and Multiplayer. In addition to the base earn rate, we will also be bringing online earn rate accelerators and challenge-based and event-based Tier Skip rewards in future updates.

Next, some important news regarding network performance: as of today, we have completed the first phase of planned changes to network configuration in targeted locations. We are carefully monitoring overall performance to ensure that these updates are working as expected before completing the next phase of updates. It’s important that we roll out updates in a carefully staged process, as changes to networking infrastructure can potentially produce both positive and negative effects, and we need to monitor every update closely. The stability and performance of the game for the entire community is always our top priority, and we’re continuing to work to sustain the smooth performance of the game’s launch throughout its opening weeks.

And for our MP lone wolves, today’s update brings the “Mercenary Capture Moshpit” to the Featured playlist, which includes 5v5 Domination, Hardpoint, and Control with no Parties allowed. As with all Featured playlists, this will be on a rotation with new playlists in the future.

And now, onto the rest of what’s new…

We’ve made the following updates to the game today (Global):

  • General
    • Black Market
      • Fixes and improvements to Tier progression earn rate across all modes of Multiplayer and Blackout.
    • Miscellaneous
      • General stability improvements across Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.
  • Multiplayer
    • Playlist Updates
    • Weekly rotation of Featured category of playlists:
      • “Mercenary Capture Moshpit” playlist added to Featured Playlist (5v5 Domination, Hardpoint, and Control with no Parties).
      • “Hardcore Control” playlist added to the Featured Category.
      • “Search and Destroy” playlist to Featured Category.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Resolved an issue causing a UI Error in the After Action Report for Master Prestige players.
      • Resolved an issue with the “Nuked Out” Calling Card not properly unlocking in the Hardcore Free For All playlist.
    • Equipment
      • Resolved an issue where players were able to get permanent 200 Health if two players playing as Crash used the Tak-5.
    • Search and Destroy
      • Resolved an issue where users could spectate the enemy team by changing classes during their Kill Cam.
  • Blackout
    • After Action Report
      • Resolved an issue that sometimes led to a black screen during the After Action Report.
  • Zombies
    • Miscellaneous
      • Resolved an issue where War Paints were not showing up in the reward stream until they were unlocked.
      • Multiple crash fixes.

We’ve also made the following update specific to PC:

  • Memory Leak Fix
    • Fixed memory leak issues that eventually caused the game to close with an error.

We’re also currently tracking the following recent topics to address in future updates:

  • Blackout Audio Adjustments
    • We are making several updates to audio in Blackout based upon our testing and feedback from the community to deliver the soundscape our players expect in Blackout. Look for this update to drop in the next week.
  • Blackout Quads Performance
    • We’re continuing to investigate occasional hitches in performance in Blackout Quads playlists, particularly on Xbox One. As we’ve mentioned before, though this hasn’t proven easily replicable during testing, we’re committed to tracking down the cause and squashing it.
  • Zombies Host Migration
    • We're aware that matches in Zombies have been ending when the host leaves the game, and we're planning a future update to address this. Thanks for your patience as we work on the solution.



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