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[OPINION] As a long time call of duty fan, this multiplayer is one of the most frustrating things ever.

black ops 4 3 - [OPINION] As a long time call of duty fan, this multiplayer is one of the most frustrating things ever.

Obviously this is all my opinion, so if you disagree and love the multiplayer I am genuinely happy for you. Trust me when I say that I WANT to love this multiplayer, but for the first time since COD 2 I am genuinely having a bad experience. Now that the game has been out and I've played/prestiged a lot, I feel like I can voice my, hopefully reasonable, thoughts. I'm not trying to change anyone's opinion, just put my opinion out there. I'm not entirely sure the responses this will get, but I'm interested to see if any of this rings particularly true with the community. Of course, all of this is based on my own experience with call of duty so ymmv. And also I am still loving blackout which is an amazing addition to COD and plays great. Without further ado, the reasons why I am probably done with this MP:

  1. Feeling Helpless

I understand the need for noob-tier weapons/items to draw in casual players and keep them playing, but treyarch took that to a whole new level that I've never seen before in a COD game. Every call of duty has stuff that is irritating to die to (one man army noob toobz anyone) but this game is chock full of these things like the dog, seeker car, tempest, mesh mines, war machine, reactor core, grav slam, sg12 fleshlight, etc. But honestly, I'd still be fine with this many cheesy items in this game but there are basically no hard counters to anything. The feeling of helplessness you feel when you run around a corner to get shocked by a seeker and killed, or when you put a clip into a dog running at you and die, it's something that I've truly never felt in a call of duty. Were there irritating things in other call of duty games? Hell yes. But man I haven't had a game in 20+ games without getting killed by a tempest shock chain. If I go play MW2 right now, I bet you I could find one game out of 20 with no noob tubes, but there is no escaping it in this game. Every single game roughly 1/3 of my deaths are from specialists, sometimes much more. The fact that these are default items on a timer, and the fact that many of them cannot be stopped or predicted, leaves a very sour taste in my mount after hundreds of games. I'll tell you one thing for sure, the joy I get from using specialist items has decreased since launch, and my frustration from getting killed by them has increased.

Another thing I see overlooked about specialists, and one of the major issues in my mind, is that they do more to help pub-stompers than casual players. I don't have hard evidence on this fact, but this game has way more pub-stomping than other call of dutys (more on this below). I don't think that's because COD is "sweatier" now, or everyone is a "tryhard," I think it's for the simple reason that you are giving already really good players really OP equipment. I've joined games late games on slums where every single lane in the map has a barbed wire or barricade. Now you might say "just use a rocket moongusta," but my point here is that a casual player (the ones who all these specialists are for let's not forget), doesn't think like that. They are just going to get funneled by a good team into one lane, and taken out all at once by one tempest shock chain. Sound familiar? After a long day at work, do you think Joe casual player who only has time for a few games a night is going to like getting rammed by good players using specialists? He'll probably just play RDR2.

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  1. Spawns

Some of the worst spawns in COD history. I am constantly confused about where the enemy is coming from. After 10+ years of playing COD I consider my "spawn sense" pretty good, but in this game it all goes out the window. Ironically, I often find myself hoping the enemies drop a tac deploy so I know where they are coming from at least (since I run engineer). Spawns are better in objective modes I've found, but for tdm-like game modes it seems pretty hard to track.


  1. Maps

As someone who loved firing range, slums, and nuketown in the past games, it hurts my heart to say this, but these maps do not work at all in bo4. The specialists make these tight 3 lane maps way too chaotic to a point of absurdity. I'm basically getting blown up or killed by something random every few seconds. The new maps are also just not very good imo. Not terrible, just meh in terms of COD maps. I'm not a fan of how much these new maps promote camping either, but generally campers don't bother me too much so it's not a huge issue.

  1. Team Balancing

Let me preface this by saying I only play solo, and have basically never had friends IRL that play COD, so I've been a solo player for a long time. Almost every Bo4 game is the same for me. I work my ass off, get one of the highest scores, objective times, and KD's in the game, and we still lose by a lot. Sprinkle in a few games where we absolutely stomp the other team, and a few games where I get absolutely stomped, and you have my multiplayer experience summed up. I don't care much for pub stomping (or getting stomped lol), and I really get my enjoyment out of trying to win and outplay the other team in a close game, but to have to carry almost all of my games just isn't that fun tbh and really ruins that feeling of excitement during a close game. This issue is particularly bad this year, whatever system they implemented to balance teams is complete crap (I'm not sure if there is SBMM), and I would rather have completely random team balancing.


The stomping in this game is UNREAL. I have never ever ever seen so many players drop 120+ kill games (not even in ground war sized games mind you) in any COD ever. If I go and join a game of chaos domination right now, there is a high percent chance that I will join a game with a score like 50-180, where the enemy has a gunship, 2 uavs, a strike team, and a snipers nest. Now my problem is not being placed in these games, it's that I'm placed in these games so freaking often. What this says to me is there is a lot of stomping going on in Bo4, and it is causing a lot of people to rage and quit (which is why when I join a new game it always fills me in these). It could be related to what I said above about the specialists, it could be the way that killstreak points are calculated allowing good players that are on a roll to keep piling streaks on the enemy team until all 6 players have left and there are 6 new poor souls that are going to get stomped, or it could really be that COD players have just gotten a lot better. Idk, all I know is that getting stomped isn't that fun and (imo) stomping isn't either, and most of my games fall in the stomping category. Stomping has definitely been present in other COD's, but people are posting insane numbers on this game.

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I am probably done playing MP for now, I'll check back in after a few updates or if I find some people to play with. For now I'll just stick to blackout, which I was very skeptical of but now love. It stings me to have to accept that one of my biggest gaming loves for the majority of my life just isn't that fun for me anymore. Maybe someone will empathize with me on some of this, just wanted to give my thoughts.

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