CoD: Black Ops 4

Opinion: Bo4 Multiplayer is the worst multiplayer experience out of all the other CoDs

black ops 4 2 - Opinion: Bo4 Multiplayer is the worst multiplayer experience out of all the other CoDs

With the addition of Reaper, specialist are now even more over powered. Bo4 was suppose to be a hyper-realistic "revolutionary" FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, so why the hell are there always dogs running around, trip mines everywhere, an overpowered 3 person ninja, a bow and arrow shooting exploding arrows, a tiny droid that shocks you in place, and so much more bullshit?

With that same point in mind, what the fuck is up with the unfair operator mods? No one asked for OR wants these in multiplayer: 1. A strobe light on a already good shotgun that makes it so you cant even shoot back 2. "Dragons breath" which makes an already great shotgun 99% of the time 1 shot you by burning you to death at even farther range than normal 3. Dont even get me started on the S6-StingRay, just some advice if you get into a game with someone using the operator mod on it, just leave and save yourself the time and energy. There are a couple more operator mods that really just make me go "what the fuck were they thinking when they added this??" such as the penta-burst on the swordfish (again, an already great weapon) which just let's you fucking 1 burst people at close, medium, and far range. Its ridiculous and one of the many reasons bo4 will be remembered as one of the worst CoDs of all time.

Last but certainly not least, the DLC weapons/ microtransactions. It's no secret how utterly terrible bo4's system is concerning supply openings. A less then 1% chance of getting the any DLC weapons from supply cases, so there's really no point in trying to get them or buy them. And for how strong the DLC weapons are in this game, it's crazy! It's a clear money grab. Its pay-to-win. It's why the player base will be basically none existing when MW comes out.

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Some other points: 1. There's no dam reason contracts shouldn't of been in the game since release 2. Lack of communication between developers and the community (or more likely the people at Activision and Treyarch simply dont care enough to listen) 3. Weapon balancing has been completely shit. Nerfing some guns, then buffing others, they buffing them again, it's just so stupid, like what they did with the GKS. 4. This new Operation is a fucking waste. Only 40 tiers with only cosmetic useless shit, the overpowered new specialist, and a weapon bribe. No new guns. Supposedly, in about 26 freaking days when part two of the operation comes out, there will be new weapons.

I could go on and individually break down what's wrong with LITERALLY every single update and patch notes since the game released, but since bo4 only has a couple more months of life (til MW comes out) it's really not even worth my time.

If you agree, an Up Vote would be appreciated, and if you thinking I missed anything or disagree, feel free to comment. Also, I typed this on my phone so please excuse any grammar mistakes, dumb auto correct. Have a great day/night redditors. I will also be posting this on r/CallOfDuty

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