CoD: Black Ops 4

Over 2 months past launch, BO4’s Theater Mode STILL doesn’t load clips past ~7 minutes.

black ops 4 4 - Over 2 months past launch, BO4's Theater Mode STILL doesn't load clips past ~7 minutes.

Imagine this: you load into Blackout, and you catch fire and pull off a couple amazing shots and get some great gameplay, claiming 10 or so kills. You think "Damn, that was a pretty good game. I'm gonna bookmark this game to re-watch it later in theater mode…"


A typical top-5 placement match of Blackout usually lasts about 20 minutes or longer. With nearly any clip you load up in theater, it only loads the first ~7 minutes, usually involving nothing but you running around in near silence. It starts getting to the good part, just before you pull off a great sniper shot, and then… the clip ends. No more.


What makes it worse is that I'm on PC, and I have GeForce Experience, which allows users with Nvidia graphics cards to record the previous 20 minutes of footage even though you never hit record. Unfortunately, by the time I had d*cked around in Theater to re-watch said game (since I had faith in the Theater Mode after previous use in BO1), it was well past the 20-minute mark, and none of the footage recovered included footage I wanted.

Luckily, the game film will remain bookmarked forever (theoretically), so HOPEFULLY if the developers ever can fix this issue, I can go back and watch the whole film, but until then… I'm left disappointed, with a product that I paid for, that is broken.

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