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Playing Call of Duty completely blind

black ops 4 2 - Playing Call of Duty completely blind

I have not posted here in a while so some of you may not know who I am then again some of you may know. I navigate reddit through a screen reader, my phone reads visual elements as synthesized speech, writing this post with dictation instead of a keyboard since I cannot find my Bluetooth one For those who do not know me I have played Call of Duty since world at war and played mostly multiplayer with some zombies depending on the title, at the time of World at war to ghosts I had vision in one eye and eventually went completely blind shortly after ghosts released. I did not play any video games since going blind until black Ops 3 released I started playing again with zombies since I knew the mode was much slower paced than multiplayer and I would could get used to The Surround sound element with a headset. It took time what I eventually memorized the giant enough to start playing with randoms and hold my own. Eventually getting 28 by myself and moving my attempts into multiplayer.

now I am playing black Ops 4 zombies specifically. I will be using B04 as an example of a accessible game for the blind at a presentation for a state convention later in April. That is enough background, perhaps it is time to cover how exactly I play without vision specifically with the headset.


For starters, every Call of Duty title I can think of has a full 3-D surround sound environment, environmental sounds on a given map, friendly and enemy footsteps and gunshots and other noises that people can make, even random out of map sounds or all in a 3-D environment and the headsets reflect this that is why so many people can sound whore so well. I do this naturally but I take it a step further, memorizing each gun in the game to identify it simply based on a bullet chambering after shooting the gun and even reloading, some guns even have a different vibration in the controller depending on what class it is. If I am in multiplayer I am also listening for in game character dialog to identify teammates and enemies, WW2 did this excellently where your team mates were the only voices you heard so any footsteps that were silent were enemies. This could benefit myself as well with tactical grenades and other equipment giving hit marker sound effects, so that way I can Identify if I hit an enemy with a concussion grenade for example, the character would give a reaction sound as well so I can easily find them. As I mentioned above I mostly play zombies these days with making guides and helping those with disabilities learn the game. Zombies of course is much different than multiplayer, with zombies in as much slower paced in the early rounds giving you some time to learn a map if you played them enough in the early rounds, currently I have blood of the dead and classified memorized nearly perfectly with ancient evil as my 3rd most memorized map already. Learning maps can be tricky or easy depending on the sound design of the map, I also end up counting footsteps in some maps if there is not enough sound design to identify locations. Using the sound of the map to orientate myself, for example putting a specific sound to my right and moving to my left leads to a door or walled by. I did a similar thing with multiplayer although less effectively since it was much faster paced. I am not sure how much more I can Explain in this post so I hope you guys found it educational.

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