CoD: Black Ops 4

Please add AUTO-RUN 4 BLACKOUT on CONSOLE! -Disabled gamer

black ops 4 7 - Please add AUTO-RUN 4 BLACKOUT on CONSOLE! -Disabled gamer

Hi all! Hope you all are having a great day! I am writing b/c I’m a handicapped gamer (nerve pain in arms&hands) whom loves to play battle royale games! HOWEVER, Im unable to play the BLACKOUT mode on Xbox/PS4 because there is NO AUTO RUN/SPRINT by pressing the left thumb stick in twice (L3) like there is in PUBG & Fortnite on Console! I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people however it would be an extremely & highly appreciated accessibility feature for all us handicapped Gamers who cannot constantly press the left thumbstick forward to Run long distances. (To be very clear what I am talking about is having your character Run on its own without you having to touch the controller at all. After rapidly double clicking the left thumbstick in twice your character is off & running on its own, even if u put the controller down for example). I play on Console & I am really happy so see This feature is already included in the PC version of your game HOWEVER it is MISSING FROM the CONSOLE VERSION!! Please help!! My thumbs are going to fall off 🙁 Thank you!!

Ps. On a side note I also noticed there are also no left & right thumb-stick dead zone options on console as well. I have controller drift so this would help. Thanks!


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