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Please let us put attachments on the classic Treyarch guns

black ops 4 4 - Please let us put attachments on the classic Treyarch guns

In Blackout, there are two weapons in particular that I want to use more than any other. Two of my favorite guns in CoD history, the Galil and the MP40. In this last update, they even increased the drop rate for these guns! They HEAVILY increased the drop rate for these guns. So now they can spawn at any location across the Blackout map, rather than only at zombies locations like before.

Here's the problem. For some reason, you're not allowed to put attachments on these guns. No sights. No grips. No magazine attachments. Just iron sights, and gun.

There is no reason that I can think of for this to be the case. They don't do huge amounts of damage, or have a huge rate of fire like the Zweihander. They don't have huge ammo pools, they don't have attachments built in…and you can't put other attachments on them. As a result of this, they cannot compete with other guns at longer ranges, where I would argue most of the action in the game mode occurs.

Because of this, I'm sure you'll all agree, you are much more likely to trade out your Galil or MP40 for a gun that can make use of these attachments. No matter how much you like them, you can't deny that you would pick up a Swat way before you'd grab a Galil, or an ABR before an MP40.


Players aren't using these weapons because of this. Would it not serve the game for the other, less picked up weapons to be put on an even playing field, so that their use rates would rise? I've never even been killed by a Galil or MP40. In a Treyarch Call of Duty, where the guns are readily available. That's crazy to me.

Sure, they increased the drop rate heavily, putting it all over the map instead of just zombies areas, but the problem was never the drop rate. Not even close. The guns just aren't viable when compared to the others. There is literally no reason to use these guns over any other ones.

Not to mention, by making them now spawn across the entire map, they're now also taking up spawn points from actual useful guns that people do want to use! Increasing drop rates won't increase use rates past the first 5 minutes of the match

We were promised tons of "legacy weapons" in the world of Blackout, and the only two that we have after 4 months aren't even given attachment compatibility.

It just feels wrong. I wanna hit people across the map using an Galil with 3x and a foregrip, or an extended fast mag on the MP40. Give us somethng to work with here, guys. It can't be more than a switch flip away.

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