CoD: Black Ops 4

Please Treyarch, The Next Update needs to be focused on being a Quality of Life Update.

black ops 4 6 - Please Treyarch, The Next Update needs to be focused on being a Quality of Life Update.

Following the release of Absolute Zero and all it's content, the game has lots of potential and is enjoyable in its current state, but is held back in many ways by it's performance, bugs, and lack of some promised features.

Treyarch should prioritize the game's current performance for their next upcoming update. There are many things holding BO4 back that affect the player experience.

Just to name a few:

  • Console Looting has gotten significantly worse with laggyness/freezing, whole loot bags disappearing, and difficulty sometimes picking up items

  • Console Looting, in general, needs a UI overhaul and would be so much better with something similar to the game's PC UI.

  • PC and Xbox still have significant and somewhat frequent crashing problems

  • PC Community has been neglected and received copy pasted updates unlike the attention it was promised before release.

  • Emblems and Paintjobs have had issues viewing them

  • Some camos, mostly the reactive and mastercraft ones, become locked and unusable for no reason

  • Some people have had progress reset that includes their level, calling cards, and camos in multiplayer

  • The game STILL has no combat record 2 months after release! It'd be amazing to view random stats like performance with certain weapons for Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Every other Call of Duty has had a combat record so it's inexcusable for why this one doesn't.

  • Camos in blackout was a good start, however, we can't use our hard earned multiplayer mastery ones. It'd also be nice to be able to use reactive camos on any gun.

  • Blackout could use more levels for players who have played it to max level. It would be a nice feature to add so people can still grind to getting a really high level perhaps with more character unlocks along the way.

This list is just issues or QoL features I know can be fixed. I haven't played zombies yet either so I'm sure there's more that can be improved there. I know there's many more things people have suggested that can be done that you can add in the comments.

So to conclude this all, the game at its core is really fun. This is the most I've played a Cod since BO2, but the game has its flaws that could all be fixed with a QoL update that would help the games health and performance over the next months and even years which would improve the players experience.

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