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Puch back the release date for Black ops 5 (and possibly future CODs)

black ops 4 2 - Puch back the release date for Black ops 5 (and possibly future CODs)

I know I am only one person, but I hope other may share this same opinion with me.

If you didn't already know, the Call of Duty title is owned/published by Activision, and one is released every year. Up until recently, there were 3 Subdivisions for call of duty that produced a game every 3 years. This year, for Black ops 4, it was trearchs turn. This next COD game will be produced by infinity war. The year after was ORIGINALLY supposed to be a game produced by sledgehammer, but they are now out of the 3 year cycle, and it is reduced to a 2 year cycle. This mean BO5(or whatever they decide to call it) will be coming in 2020, not 2021.

Bo4 had a lot of issues at launch, people were not happy, and many still aren't. Keep in mind this post is to not hate on trearch, Activision, or COD in general. If trearch has truly listened to the fans feedback, they know that the majority prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. And thinking of many of the issues with bugs at the launch of Black ops 4, that was not quality. Black ops 4 was only released 1 month earlier, now bo5 is going to be released a YEAR earlier than expected. Is this what we really want? Do we, the community that COD is reliant on, truly want this much thrown at us?

Now that sledgehammer is out of the 3 year rotation, this give trearch about 1 and a half years to produce bo5, the shortest time for the development of a COD game. I say we push back the release by AT LEAST ONE YEAR for the next trearch COD title to be released.

I will provide some reasons that I see pushing back the release date would be beneficial for us, the community, and trearch, as a game developing company.

  1. Less stress on the developers

This one is self explanatory, the developers will be under less stress when trying to produce the game, and this will hopefully make them produce better content and give them more time to think of ways to innovate onto the game

  1. Bugs post-launch

By releasing the game on a much later date, players can expect less bugs from the finished product and be more incentivised to invest in, and play, this next COD title.

  1. Quality of the game

I've mentioned that bo4's launch was not liked. Trearch can learn from this and can carry out the creation of better content with more time, and increase the number of sales for the game. I'll mention more about sales

  1. Money the game can make

Hopefully this one is a good reason for treach to push back the release date more. Within the first week(I think a week), bo4 sold $1 Billion worth of game copies, physical and digital. The advertising of the game was very successful, and people had high hopes for what the game had to offer. If the community that trearch currently has sees that they are being smart with the release of bo5, people will like that they have taken the time NOT ONLY to listen to the community, but actually DO what they recommend, as well. Many people see bo4 as anti-consumer friendly, and I see bo5 and a chance for redemption. Push back the release date, give us better content with the extra time you have, and advertise it to be consumer friendly, and people will be willing to buy. Of course, there will always be people who find some way to hate on the game, but getting as many people on board for bo5 would be the goal here.

  1. This will also give Infinity War's COD title of 2019 more time to play (and bo4)

With the release of MW4 in October of 2019, players will have another cod game to play during the development of bo5. They can also continue to play bo4, and bo4 can make more money until bo5 is released, as well.

  1. The state of bo4.

Currently, bo4 is in a poor state. Many people see it as a cash grab, nothing more. I am not agreeing, nor disagreeing, to this claim. But keep in mind they are a business that is looking to make money. Since bo4 and bo5 are produced/going to be produced by the same development team(Trearch), they can split up there resources more efficiently during the development of bo5. Bo4 can still be regularly updated, keeping people engaged into the bo4 experience, and bo5 can be made with carefully consideration, while bo4 may still be receiving feedback

Now I will admit, I am not the most educated, but I feel as though my opinion matters as much as the next player. And I don't think it takes much to know that if trearch releases another game that people won't be happy with, everyone will likely be livid.

Please feel free to add onto this in the comments or let me know about anything I may have missed/gotten incorrect. Thank you!

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