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Rank 1 PUBG player’s BLACKOUT Guide

black ops 4 3 - Rank 1 PUBG player's BLACKOUT Guide

Hello! My name is HomerTV / ikilledhomer, i'm a long time PUBG player – ~3,200 hours – and started playing Blackout on release. my stats:

Quick About Me: I qualified for and attended the PAX West Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament wtih my duo partner Kvalt (the one Shroud trolled with a crossbow in lul) and played in PUBG NA Pro Scrims 4 days a week, along with various leagues/tourneys.

Also ended multiple pubg seasons at Rank 1 in NA, in duos and solos.

Blackout is a very different game than PUBG, but they share a lot of similarities and concepts.

Please remember the point of this guide is NOT to tell people how to play. If you play for win % or simply to murder everyone- that's completely up to you! This is meant to provide concepts to help with either playstyle.

I wanted to draft a quick Blackout guide for newer players and if there is an interest I could expand on this later in a more advanced guide.

— Minor Wall of Text Incoming —

  1. Early Game

  2. Mid Game

  3. Late Game

  4. Perk priority

  5. Equipment priority

  6. My thoughts on guns/loadouts

  7. Final Thoughts

Battle Royale games are all about Risk vs Reward and Decision Making. With that in mind, here's the guide!

  1. Early Game: Where you drop. What you get. First Circle, White-Lining. Vehicles.

Where you drop– This is simple enough, if you are fairly new to Blackout and the map then my recommendation is you simply drop somewhere different every game until you

have a basic understanding of most areas. Once you've learned the map you'll no doubt have favorite spots which will probably vary depending on how comfortable you are at fighting/aiming.

I personally don't enjoy the RNG (randomness) of hot dropping and losing simply because I didn't land on a gun. I like landing nearby a popular area, finding basic loot and then finding some fights.

But if hot dropping firing range is your jam then go ham!

What you get– Decision making time! Regardless of where you drop, battle royale games are all about decision making. You drop in, get some loot, and now you need to make some simple decisions.

After you've cleared your initial area of people or loot – make it a habit to hit your map button as soon as the first circle pops up. The circle does some of the decision making for you. For example, If you're low on loot and you're inside of the circle you have different options than someone

who is low on loot and is outside of the circle. You can keep trying to loot nearby buildings, or find a fight.

Remember the quickest way to double up on loot is to kill some poor soul and take their goodies.

If you find yourself far outside the circle after your first fight or loot, don't stress – the first blue zone doesn't hit hard at all. Consider taking a mongoose/truck/heli and making fast stops at small stuff along the way.

Remember, though, that vehicles are super loud and you might end up finding other players along the way. But, again, that can be a great way to get more loot!

First Circle– Although the first circle's location will be different every time, you'll start to notice some recurring things. People feel safe when the blue zone is to their back, which means A LOT of people will be "white-lining".

Combine that with the fact that people who were outside of the circle simply have to make their way in and suddenly you have a hot spot for fights. If you're a fragging machine then this is a great spot to pick up some kills.

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If you're a sneaky snake type of player who is only interested in winning and you don't care about how many kills you end with then I'd suggest you gtfo asap.

Risk vs Reward– Vehicles are a perfect example of Risk vs Reward. They allow you to loot more quickly, find more gunfights quickly, position yourself in the circle more quickly, but they're loud as balls and sometimes will

lead to you having to fight multiple people at once from more than one angle.

  1. Mid Game: Circle shifts. Gatekeep or go more central

Circle shifts– Ever been fighting 5 people in River Town and the circle shifts hard west to Nuketown and it's 60% water and so far west that part of the circle is off the map completely?

Circle shifts will often dictate how many kills you can get if you're a kill chaser, or they'll make you get up and move if you're a strategic house-camper. This is where your personal

playstyle will come in to play. Circle shifts can provide you with a massive advantage by allowing you to "gatekeep" other players from getting into the safezone.

Gatekeeping– gatekeeping simply means you/your team are between the enemies and the safe-zone, or on the line. Trying to keep people from getting into the white circle or forcing them to eat blue damage as they fight you can give you a massive advantage.

The name of the game is picking unfair fights that favor you. Being able to

recognize which circles are favorable to gatekeep in or not can take a lot of practice, but can be one of the biggest advantages in the game. Remember the blue zone does a lot more damage late game, so positional advantage increase in value as the match progresses.

3. Late Game: perk up? need to loot a body? looping around circles

Late game will change drastically depending on the terrain and your style. For example, I prefer to wrap around the edge of circles for a short distance, then wrap back the way I came to clear my back from people trying to do the same. However, cliffs or buildings etc can quickly make me change things up and

push straight in or play more stationary. My best advice is to learn the map and play high ground when possible.

late game body-looting- looting bodies is a great way to die! You have reduced visibility because of the inventory screen and you're standing/proning/jiggling relatively still. Avoid late game bodies if you can, but sometimes you simply need those bullets or meds. My only advice on this is don't be greedy, you

don't need 4 trauma kits, 3 cluster nades and 54 concussions to kill the last 3 people, just grab some ammo and a stack of med-packs and gtfo.

  1. Perks- Late game is also the time to be popping those juicey perks! Reinforced and consumer are a massive advantage in pretty much any engagement and I'll drop dead silence/skulker for a reinforced anyday.

Reinforced means concussions aren't a big deal in close range engagements anymore.

Consumer is super good for close range 1v1s and long range duels. The faster you heal the faster you can get back to shooting/sprinting and applying pressure. Did you and your opponent just shoot the shit out of eachother and both need to heal?

consumer will let you get back to max hp much more quickly, which means you have more opportunities to change your angle or start pre-firing his tree etc!

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  1. Equipment:

Trophy system > everything. Trophy Systems can block all nades, axes, rockets, and they sound dope! Seriously, best equipment in the game AND YOU CAN PICK THEM UP AFTER U THROW THEM!

I try to prioritize concussions over 9-bangs because they detonate more quickly.

Cluster nades are great for damage, but can also be useds to cover the sound of your footsteps if you need to push/rush a dude.

Smokes are clutch as F especially in duos/quads. A quick smoke nade and trophy system can make you the hero of your squad and let you get those clutch revives.

in solos they can allow you to cross open fields when the circle shifts make your life hard.

  1. Thoughts on Guns- Obviously you won't be able to get your favorite guns every single game, but here's a few thoughts:

My favorite setup is ABR + Smg. ABR is a machine at long and medium ranges, only thing it lacks at is close range. If people get close just whip out a Saug/MX9/Cordite/Spitfire and go ham.

SDM – gun is broken and needs a nerf. Only gun I complain about xD no srsly, it's good at any range, hits for 95 dmg, turns armor into cardboard, 2 hits anyone without armor.

Bolt-Actions: If you're a fan of bolt action snipers then I'd recommend the Outlaw over the others, this is because movement in call of duty is very fast.

People will be sprinting, sliding, grappling, and jumping. The Outlaw lets you miss and keep adjusting and shooting with high dmg insanely quickly.

Any of the snipes, especially the Paladin, are great for busting off armor and making it a fair fight if you're armor-less.

Personally I don't shoot at moving targets with snipers unless im really feeling froggy or want those meme-clips. Save the snipers for "duels" like tree vs tree or rock vs rock fights.

Guns to avoid: VKM, Hades, Titan, GKS, Swordfish. I'm not saying these guns can't be used, they just do the job worse than something else.

quick note on Swordfish – this gun has a "sweetspot" range where it can freakin facemelt people, but if they're slightly too far the recoil will mean you miss 3/4 bullets and if they're too close they'll strafe your bursts.

Helion: I love picking up Helions early game for free kills on mongoose or boat people. I swap it out mid game for a SMG or snipe

  1. Final Thoughts- Remember this guide was meant to provide concepts. Battle Royale games can seem overwhelming and chaotic to some people, but once you get a rhythm down they're a blast!

Did I forget to mention something important? Let me know and please feel free to ask questions, I'll do my best to respond 🙂

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